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Technology Trends – A Strange New World
By Art Huenecke, Information Technology, Academy of General Dentistry

With the continued convergence of all kinds of technological change and the human it is time to take a brief look and see where things are headed. Everything will be connected at some point soon. It will...

Technology is the easy part… Unfortunately
By Doug Reynolds, CIO, SMB Executive

Who of us hasn't fallen for the promise of a "bright, shiny object" that didn't meet expectations? Remember that product we bought, or the solution we built, that was going to solve a big problem...

Technology is a Checkbox – In the cloud
By Sam Schoelen, CITO/CSO, Continental Resources

Ever since I have taken the plunge into the world of cloud technologies one theme has been obvious; all the solutions and decisions that were so difficult to maneuver through have now become as easy...

Technology in Education
By Chandra Prakash Verma, Academic Head, Ashienta Technologies Pvt Ltd.

“Books will soon be obsolete in the public schools…our school system will be completely changed inside of ten years.”...

Self-Driving and Autonomous Cars - Why We Should Be Concerned
By Avani Desai, EVP, Schellman & Company and Adam Losey, Partner, Losey PLLC

You’ll probably have heard about a recent high profile crash during the testing of the Tesla Model S autonomous car. During the crash, which occurred in July 2016, the car allegedly was unable to...

By Armando Pantoja, Senior Software Engineer Team Lead, AAA Auto Club South

Software engineers are a pivotal part of any business enterprise. Without these individuals, it would make it difficult to try and keep your website code up-to-date or your operations running smoothly...

Pro-Active Monitoring of Healthcare Cold Storage Units
By Dan Cusick, VP, Customer Development Emante Wirless,Inc.

Monitoring the storage temperature of critical assets and supplies in a healthcare or pharmaceutical environment is necessary to meet various compliance requirements. But beyond compliance...

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Please, No More BYOD
By Steve King, COO & CTO, Netswitch Technology Management

Companies are quickly discovering, and rushing to comply with the fact that employees today want to use a wide range of different mobile devices/apps to access various enterprise assets, interact with...

How to Keep Manufacturing in America
By Bill Lambert, Director of Operations, Formaspace Technical Furniture

The History of American Manufacturing Case and point, take for example RFC2827, which is also referred today as BCP38 (Business Current Practice 38):...

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How financial services companies can efficiently leverage new technology
By Scott Morrison, Chief Product Officer, Ascensus

Just as technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, make purchases, and obtain information, it is also transforming the way individuals save, spend, invest, and interact with financial...

How Blockchain Can Solve Real Problems in Healthcare
By Tamara StClaire, Digital Health Advisor, BaseHealth

If you follow technology in healthcare, you have likely heard of blockchain. But even if you are aware of the platform, it may not have truly hit your radar as possibly having near term impact. In fact Gartner...

Eating a clean diet and cyber security have a lot in common
By Chris Burrows, CISO, Oakland County, Michigan Government

Eating a clean diet and cyber security have a lot in common.
(1) Many people think it is too hard...

Big Data and Life Sciences. Blessing or Curse
By Ramon Chen, Chief Marketing Officer, Reltio

The big data conundrum is one that bedevils most industries, but none more than life sciences. Because of the high stakes of healthcare, there is a great responsibility to get things right, and to...

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