Victoria Kuklina, CFO of Pinnacle Home Care Profile

Victoria Kuklina
CFO of Pinnacle Home Care

Victoria Kuklina, CFO of Pinnacle Home Care Certificate

“Providing Beyond Expectations Patient Care”

Pinnacle Home Care is a healthcare organization that provides services to patients in their homes with one of the highest levels of care in the industry. Pinnacle stands behind a strong WHY with a critical mission statement: Changing lives through the Art of the Experience. What drives their mission statement every day are their patients, their staff, their referral partners, and their community. Victoria Kuklina is the CFO and plays an important role in the company achieving great heights.

"Pinnacle Home Care is a company with a strong WHY, and a critical Mission of Changing Lives through the Art of the Experience."

Pinnacle was born to address the need for outstanding patient care and customer service in the home health industry. The founder and CEO, Shane Donaldson saw this need and decided to address it by launching Pinnacle Home Care 18 years ago. The company addresses the market pain-points such as training, culture, and staff retention. “Our industry in general has a high turnover, which carries an issue with having staff properly trained to service patients with the highest level possible. This is where the hardest work takes place. We created a culture of discipline and ongoing training that allows us to reduce turn-over and develop a strong company culture that makes people happy where they work,” adds Victoria. “Our people and our culture is what we are proud of and believe that making people happy at work will make a difference in their lives. We do everything possible to make their jobs streamlined and allow clinicians to focus on great patient care.”

Prior to joining Pinnacle, Victoria served organizations in a consultant capacity for nine years, as a fractional CFO and a project lead for complex projects and M&A transactions for various types of organizations. “I got to see and work with many types of companies and got to understand my passion and what I really enjoy doing”. Pinnacle was an inspiring organization and full of potential that got Victoria interested when she joined. “This was a new role for the organization at that time. When I joined, the organization was operating on a de-centralized environment and in operational silos. So, we got to work.” She elucidates, “We implemented an on-premises server that connected all 12 of our locations into one big IT infrastructure. We changed its electronic medical records software, implemented IT ticketing software and hired IT staff, changed our accounting software, payroll and HR software, implemented accounts payable software and expense management software. We opened up a home office and centralized a lot of our key functions of our main processes. This was a long and hard journey, but we achieved great results. All of this was accomplished by the strength of our executive team - Our CEO – Shane Donaldson driving our vision, our President and COO – Mike Froning driving our culture, supporting and guiding us through our obstacles and driving our sales, our Chief Clinical Officer – Kathy Hoffman driving our clinical excellence and our Chief People Officer – Dan Kefgen driving our staffing and supporting our culture. What is even more exciting is that we are just getting started!”

“There is nothing more fulfilling than waking up every morning and knowing that I will positively affect people’s lives. I am grateful to be part of such a strong and impactful organization, knowing that we are changing lives and changing the world of those around us.

I am incredibly honored and humbled by this nomination. I also want to say thank you to all the team members who continue to experience and embrace rapid growth and constant change in our organization. We are one strong family, supporting each other as brothers and sisters. We stand together, and we grow together.

This honor goes well beyond me personally and was only made possible by the invaluable assistance of those who have stood beside me. Thank you, team, for being relentless in our goals and in our Mission to Change Lives!”IEWL


Pinnacle Home Care


Shane Donaldson - Chief Executive Officer
Michael K. Froning - President & COO
Victoria Kuklina - Chief Financial Officer
Kathy Hoffman - Chief Clinical Officer
Dan Kefgen - Chief People Officer


Pinnacle Home Care is a Medicare Certified and Florida Licensed full-service clinically owned and operated health care company, led by professionals who are passionate about delivering Exceptional Outcomes and quality care Beyond Expectation to patients, referral partners, staff and the communities that we serve. At Pinnacle Home Care we believe in Exceptional Outcomes which is why our patients receive exceptional customized home care services in the comfort of their home.

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