Sarah Bentley Founder & MD FLUME Marketing 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

Sarah Bentley
Sarah Bentley Founder & MD FLUME Marketing

Sarah Bentley Founder & MD FLUME Marketing 10 Best Entrepreneurs of Year 2020

“Creating a Difference ”

Sarah Bentley, Founder & Managing Director at FLUME Marketing is a goal orientated person by nature but also believes that these days, marketing is a “top of the funnel” sales role with targets that need to be achieved. “Separating marketing from sales, or a marketing department that doesn’t have a solid working relationship with its sales teams, is a sure way to set both teams up to fail,” she says. “Everyone responsible for the sales funnel should be aligned in terms of objectives and outcomes.” Armed with many years’ experience in tech marketing and sales both regionally and globally, Sarah incorporated FLUME— a full serviced, tech focused, outsourced marketing agency. “I believe a big factor in our success is the emphasis we put on the outcomes of our activities and campaigns. Setting client expectations on what the outcomes should be and then achieving,” adds Sarah. “In addition to this, we employ very experienced marketing professionals and people with vast regional experience. We are very much trusted advisers to our clients – they feel comfortable with us. We are a “safe set of hands” for them.”

"We are the full serviced, tech focused, outsourced marketing agency you can trust to grow your network and deliver real results…every time."

Part of FLUME’s core business model is the ability to adapt from a full-fledged, marketing department that handles everything from events to digital marketing, down to a compact marketing team for ad-hoc project support. “We must be able to react quickly and flexibly to our client’s needs, the ever-changing marketing trends and regional/global changes,” says the steadfast leader. “Our business model enables us to scale up and down to fit the needs of our clients with precision and flexibility. We fill the gaps, inspire solutions and support when and where our clients need us the most – whether that’s for one day or one year.”

Sarah has been integrating and blending innovative technology solutions into the services she is offering. Many of FLUME’s clients are disruptive startups and we use their solutions wherever possible. Whether that’s using new apps and software to manage lead generation campaigns or using the most innovative solutions at an event. “Being in the tech field, we are ahead of the curve in terms of understanding the latest technology solutions and integrating them into our service offerings,” says Sarah. It’s so important for all companies to keep well informed and up to date as these days, things change remarkably quickly and if you aren’t looking ahead, you’ll easily get left behind.

The company prides themselves in offering clients solutions that enable them to quickly and effectively break new ground, build pipeline and drive business growth. As an example of the type of work they do, FLUME recently completed a project for an enterprise grade identity management software MNC who were unknown in the region. The company ran an Account Based Marketing campaign with the objective of generating awareness and booked appointments. The campaign ran for 6 months where FLUME built them a target account list and completed a contact discovery exercise to build out a database to use for this campaign. The activities to generate awareness included regional events, client own events, emailers, press interviews; all of which generated enquiries and leads which were qualified by telemarketing and nurtured to booked meeting stage. The campaign resulted in 60 booked meetings which in turn have so far generated 27 pipeline opportunities.

FLUME is agile enough to swiftly embrace new challenges and are looking at many innovative ways in which to help their clients continue to reach their audiences and get results in these troubling times. “We are also working with our partners to develop “virtual” events, which, in this digital era that we work in, is the future anyway,” says Sarah.


FLUME Marketing


Sarah Bentley
Founder & MD FLUME Marketing


The FLUME team is made up of exceptionally talented marketing pros experienced in a wide range of marketing disciplines, based across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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