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Sara Kaur
Chief Financial Officer of Codex Beauty

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“Driving Changes with Efficiency”

CEOs want and need CFOs to be true business partners. Experience shows that it is focus and skill and not magic-bullet technology that separates top performers from rest of the pack. Sara Kaur has adopted the following to bring changes to organizations. It is imperative that one is clear on the value proposition and not content with business. Wanting to keep improving and challenging the way the finance function operates, the value it adds, and how the function interfaces with the business—having an unrelenting focus on efficiency, challenging what to stop doing as well as what to standardize and automate. Being committed to a ‘lean environment and driving continues year-on-year improvements in ways of working. A CFO must embrace change, particularly in new ways of working and more visual and technology enable styles using collation tools to reduce cycle times and new behavioral techniques to get the best of the staff. Another important factor is to embrace new cloud-based and robotic technologies instead of the traditional outsourcing route. Importantly being highly effective in harnessing skills to genuinely impact business decisions, providing insight and support to the CEO.

Some of the key qualities that have transformed Sara Kaur into one of the most sought-after CFOs are focusing on having a highly efficient finance function means expending much less effort in general accounting, financial reporting, and traditional transaction processing. This greater efficiency frees up resources in a higher touch, higher-quality function-oriented towards business partnering and other value-adding activities. These activities are where finance can make a tangible impact on the business by helping operating leaders to make better decisions and improve performance.

Sara is continuously growing her network to support and inspire the younger generation, and at the same time, breaking stereotypes about feminism. Female role models, sponsors, and mentors within organizations also have an important role in leading the younger generation and supporting their progress, just as men have been doing. “Spend some time figuring out why you want to do what you want to do, and what you are good at. It is often at that intersection where you will find your purpose, and this is what is going to fuel your energy level and encourage you, particularly when times are tough,” advises the steadfast leader.

Sara’s role model is Barbara Paldus, the current CEO of Codex Beauty Corp. Sara and Barbara met in May 2015 after Sara returned from living in Asia and started working for Finesse Solutions Inc, of which Barbara was the CEO. Barbara was the first female CEO that Sara reported into. It was a predominately male-dominated company, but together Barbara and Sara grew the Company until its successful acquisition by Thermo Fisher. One of the refreshing qualities in Barbara that Sara was attracted to, was that Barbara was not scared to stand up and go against the norm. Barbara had by 34, founded two Silicon Valley companies that, among many breakthroughs, paved the way for carbon cycle/natural gas pipeline monitoring and accessible vaccine/cancer therapeutic manufacturing. For Barbara, constantly learning, innovating, and trying to make the world a little better day by day, is like breathing. These are the qualities that Sara also aspires to. In the CFO position, it is important to have a leader with similar ethics and values.

Codex Beauty’s mission is to blend the sciences of ethnobotany and plant biology with biotech innovation to create a new standard within the natural space: Plant-based biotech beauty. At Codex Beauty, independent certifications are a fundamental part of their brand transparency. They are crucial for verifying that their products are of high quality, safe, and that they deliver on their claims. They believe in quality over quantity. After detailed research, the Codex Beauty only applies for certification programs that challenge brands to comply with the very strictest standards which are assessed by third-party organizations. Codex Beauty carries some of the most important seals in the industry. “We are EWG verified, Ecocert Cosmos Organic and additionally, Codex Beauty packaging material is in line with the Carbon Footprint Standard (CO2 emission assessed product),” adds Sara. IEWL


Codex Beauty


Sara Kaur
Chief Financial Officer of Codex Beauty


Founded in 2018 by Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur Barb Paldus PhD, Codex Beauty is a bioscience-led beauty company that is setting a new standard in organic luxury skincare. Codex Beauty is grounded in science, organic and vegan ingredients, plant-based preservatives, pharmaceutical-grade processes, safety and efficacy trials, innovative and sustainable packaging, and third party certification. All products are submitted to the kind of rigorous testing found in biotechnology and a strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP).

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