Sabrina Hart, Founder & CEO of S3 Marketing Solutions, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Sabrina Hart
Founder & CEO of S3 Marketing Solutions

Sabrina Hart, Founder & CEO of S3 Marketing Solutions, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Confidently Building Businesses”

Sabrina Hart, Founder &, CEO of S3 Marketing Solutions is a strong woman and devoted mother who dedicates time to both mom-mode and work-mode. With her spirit of leadership, passion for the business, and drive in optimizing the company’s projects, she inspires the team that makes up S3 Marketing Solutions. Sabrina is inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs across industries into becoming great leaders of tomorrow. She advises them to remember, not only is it necessary to be a business owner, but to be a mom, and never to forget that. “My goal is to inspire others, to show that it’s possible to achieve balance in leading a team and being a full-time mom.”

“Digital Marketing professional with an extensive knowledge in Customer Relations, Strategic Sales, Business Development and Marketing Planning.”

Having traveled over to observe, listen, experience, and be transformed, she states an impactful experience is being a mother, which is next to none as the journey teaches a woman the skills to be great. “This role has allowed me to implement these aspects of motherhood into my work. We go about our lives, and as individuals, we need care and attention,” says Sabrina. “Just like people, work needs both these elements to reach its full potential.”

Sabrina does not have a specific role model because the world’s revolutionary changes were made not only by one woman but by many important women. “As women, we continue to aim and push through any barriers, whether on a societal or individual basis,” she says. “Figures like Jane Addams, Michelle Obama, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are only a few of these important women, making changes not only in their work but in the world around them.” with these qualities she has been taking the company to new heights.

S3 Marketing Solutions was created because Sabrina wanted to pursue her dream of creating a company intending to prioritize both care and effort in creating content. “It was ideal for me to focus on social media marketing since I have LinkedIn certifications, training, and education in this area and other platforms. B2B marketing strategies are one of our areas of expertise.” S3 Marketing Solutions can deliver different strategies with the same resources to any type of industry. They have a team of specialists in Google Ads and Web Design + Development to offer optimal solutions for clients.

“In our work, you must communicate that the client can’t just focus on one solution, as it takes an elaborate marketing strategy to give them results. Our client’s happiness and results are what is most important to me.” She states, it’s essential to compile the main points the client wants to focus on in the digital marketing campaigns, then provide an entire package of solutions with the client acknowledgement of advice and suggestions. “Scheduled meetings with the client are vital, as they allow for feedback on campaign performance to reach their marketing goals.”

Sabrina has a client who is a real-estate developer and builder who was intent on appearing on the first page of Google search. “They have partnership in several projects, where the partners allocate the marketing budget, designating the amount dedicated towards results and numbers,” she explains. “By following our advice, the client has expanded and soared above competitors, appearing on the first page. Within less than a year, they sold out on their properties. This development was a win-win for both of us. The client is happy and that gives me other opportunities to do more work. The client’s trust is the key to our shared success.”

The future for S3 is to keep expanding while providing personable high-quality digital marketing services. Starting from specialization in social media, the team of marketing specialists and web designers now offer an array of digital marketing solutions dedicated to match client’s needs. “I hope to emphasize once again: communication and trust. These two relationship-based elements make or break various aspects in both your work and home life. We intend to deliver these components to build a relationship between you and our team,” adds Sabrina. IE


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Sabrina Hart
Founder & CEO of S3 Marketing Solutions


S3 Marketing Solutions offers the best solution to build confidence in your business. We develop Digital Marketing strategies that generate powerful results. The objective is to create satisfaction, the most important part of the customer journey.

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