Natalie Collard, CEO of Quartz Group, Most Successful CEOs of 2021 Profile

Natalie Collard
CEO of Quartz Group

Natalie Collard, CEO of Quartz Group, Most Successful CEOs of 2021

"Transforming Lives with Mindful Intentions"

With an extraordinary and inspiring professional career, Natalie Collard, CEO of Quartz Group, brings no shortage of first-hand experience to her position as founder and CEO to the forward-thinking, person-focused Quartz Group.

Natalie is a highly-regarded advocate for regional Australia, agriculture, renewable energy, innovation, and, most importantly – women’s leadership. She has held various successful positions throughout her professional career, many of which have been in highly male-dominated industries, that have prepared her for this moment with Quartz Group.

She has had no shortage in her career of taking a seat at the table in industries where that seat isn’t traditionally offered to women and has always strived for balance while doing so. Personally, for Natalie, balance means having a variety of career experiences and having high-impact contributions through multiple avenues. This is visible throughout her colorful experience in sectors ranging from defense and arms control to foreign affairs, agriculture, energy, transport, and infrastructure, and continues into her board director experience.

However, Natalie is now at the point in her career where she defines success differently, and this is what has brought her to be the founder and CEO of Quartz Group. Empowering individuals and companies to function at their maximum potential is what drives her, and building meaningful relationships with people during the process is what sustains her. Harvesting success is not a one size fits all approach for Natalie, and Quartz Group is that force enabling her to push boundaries and transform outcomes for women.

“Having had an expansive career across many – often male dominated – industries, I am fortunate to be able to channel my past experiences into Quartz Group,” she says. “It is rewarding and uplifting to work with a range of inspiring women and men to enable them to achieve their career aspirations, move beyond the barriers that have been holding them back, and create workplaces and teams that are inclusive, inspiring and motivating for others.”

Natalie noticed that women, in particular, gravitate towards Quartz Group’s offering. Throughout her career, she noticed gaps in coaching and mentoring for women. “In some cases, the cost of coaching is too high, the course load is too much to juggle with work and life commitments or the content just misses the mark for what the person needs,” she explains. “With this as my motivator, I built Quartz Group to offer person-specific, time-effective coaching that truly fosters leadership skills and unlocks potential for clients in the way they need it and I’m truly grateful for the women who have trusted me with their professional and person journey to date.”

Natalie reached a point in her career where she began to realize that everything she believed about professional success was the wrong way around despite having attained professional success. She noticed that 18-hour days meant that her health and wellbeing were taking a back seat and her lifestyle was not sustainable long term. “During this realisation, I also wondered if many other women were in the same position I found myself in. I started designing a human-centred approach for building and maintaining career success based on self-worth and self-knowledge, and the results were immediate,” she explains. “This made me wonder why couldn’t I help other women do the same minus the high price tag and adding in the personalisation? When I saw my life transform for the better, turning those areas of suffering into sparks that elevated my career to new heights, it was something I wanted to share with others – hence the inception of Quartz Group.”

According to Natalie, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply to individual success and growth. Quartz Group’s tailored approach and mindful intention can deliver customized coaching and toolkits for each client. “This is something I’d like to see more of in the coaching industry,” she says. “I’m proud to be able to work with so many inspiring women and men to transform not only their careers but also their day-to-day lives - building models and methods that suit them to achieve their fullest potential.” IE


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Natalie Collard
CEO of Quartz Group


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