Natalia Gonzalez Mejia,Founder of Dharma Creativ Agency, Top Women Business Founders of 2021 Profile

Natalia Gonzalez Mejia
Founder of Dharma Creativ Agency

Natalia Gonzalez Mejia,Founder of Dharma Creativ Agency, Top Women Business Founders of 2021

“Focusing on the present - That’s all we have”

Natalia, the founder of Dharma Creativ Agency, is a creative Colombian who has spent the most of her life in South Florida. Natalia was enthralled by Miami and decided to further her education as a professional at the University of Miami. She began her undergraduate studies at UM in 2014, concentrating in Public Relations and Marketing with a minor in Entrepreneurship, because she had always wanted to establish her own business. As a business owner, she had her father's example of the satisfaction of having a direct impact on the world and helping people. Natalia will begin her MBA program at the University of Miami for professionals and entrepreneurs in the spring of 2022.

“We invest in our client’s present to transform their future.”

Natalia began her professional career at a young age. She had always been curious and eager to learn, so she embarked on her first internship in her sophomore year of college after a series of incredible encounters with various Florida agencies and programs that aided her in developing her experience in public relations and marketing. It has taught her the importance of honesty, ethics, and creating relationships in order to grow a business. Along with accomplishments such as time management, excellent writing skills, teamwork, great communication, flexibility, organization, and creativity, it is also important to enhance all of the skills learned along the way to apply in daily life, positive energy, an outgoing personality, and the ability to turn problems into opportunities.

These rewarding experiences led her to DX Agency in 2019, a New York-based marketing agency that taught her how to run an agency and manage a team properly. She was able to collaborate and become a member of the Mastercard team.

Mastercard, a Fortune 500 corporation, provided her with invaluable training. She oversaw, supervised, and established Mastercard's B2B CRM email communications for all Latin American markets. She created content for all markets as her copywriting talents improved, working with Harvard Business Review, The Business Insider, and Kantar research. She was given all of these amazing studies and insights to translate and update for the LATAM markets. She recognized that working for Corporate America was not for her during the pandemic. It was nearly hard to change the world and directly assist others. She did a wonderful job, but it will always be known as Mastercard.

Natalia founded Dharma with the mission of naturally disrupting the industry without making any false promises, as has been shown in marketing and any digital strategy that displays solid results three months after launch. Dharma has taken businesses to the next level, guiding their clients hand-in-hand with new and unique images, ensuring that any material developed educates and informs their audiences. Dharma has three main objectives: educating and informing users every day as part of social responsibility, creating conscious content, and having consistent marketing plans, keeping in mind that growth is one step at a time.

Dharma is reality and present – the basic principle of the individual existence and the divine law to one’s life purpose.

Dharma is a creative firm that will assist in the transformation of the brand's presence to the future. Dharma revamps the client's brand by creating and deliberately designing compelling content. Dharma aims to increase brand awareness and growth by planning conscious content that has a meaningful impact in the digital media age. Dharma focuses on a thoughtful, fundamental approach that is innovative and fascinating and will inform, educate, and motivate customers.

Dharma's team directly manages the entirety of their client’s brand’s digital presence, from all aspects of digital marketing, CRM strategies, email marketing, and SEO guidance. To manage all social media channels, designing high-level content to create follow-worthy feeds, ensuring that engaged followers convert into loyal customers. Dharma develops meaningful media ties that keep the client's brand visible in important periodicals. By developing deliberate and meaningful content that has an influence on the marketplace, the Dharma team elevates businesses to a whole new level.

What would I tell those new business owners who want to disrupt industries?

Consistency first, then discipline and passion. These are the three essential things that you have to apply every day, as you have to eat, sleep, breathe and live to honor your company and do what you love.

Natalia's endearing desire to assist company clients led to her founding Dharma, and Dharma's excellent work has elevated her to the astonishing Top 10 Women Business Founders of 2021. IEWL


Dharma Creativ Agency


Natalia Gonzalez Mejia
Founder of Dharma Creativ Agency


We are a creative agency that will help change your brand’s present to transform their future. We create and strategically design engaging content to revamp your brand. Our mission is to elevate brand growth and exposure through strategic conscious content that has a real impact in this digital media era. We focus on a thoughtful fundamental approach that is creative & captivating and will inform, educate and motivate consumers.

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