Naomi Traimer Owner of MeditationRings, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Naomi Traimer
Owner of MeditationRings

Naomi Traimer Owner of MeditationRings, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Helping those in Need”

Fueled by Naomi Traimer’s personal experience with anxiety, her desire to help others that are suffering has helped motivate and drive her to create a brand—MeditationRings—that is inspiring, meaningful, unique, and beautiful. Naomi wants her brand to help remind people to slow down and focus on the present moment while increasing feelings of peacefulness and serenity.

“Our designer sterling silver and gold spiritual rings have spinning bands that help increase serenity and peace in the wearer.”

After traveling extensively through many different parts of the world, Naomi realized that every culture had a concept or unique way of coping with stress. Looking for ways to relieve stress herself, Naomi would practice meditation and yoga and tried different techniques to help her cope and relieve her anxiety. Many tools have been used for centuries to help cope with anxiety, such as the Tibetan Prayer Wheel and Worry beads. Naomi’s love for Jewellery, specifically rings, helped her to see how the spinning motion of the spinning ring could be used in meditation and take a person to another level of relaxation by giving their mind something steady—like rotating the bands—to help in the process of clearing their mind.

Spinning the bands on the MeditationRing can help users channel their anxious energy into the constant rhythmic pattern of spinning their ring. “Thus, freeing your mind from negative thoughts and the feelings associated with anxiety. When you spin the band, it helps create a calming effect, helping to focus your thoughts as you turn the band,” explains Naomi. “Our MeditationRings give you a point of focus, and a less obvious way to move your hands in those times that you feel you need to. Simply turning the band with your fingers, with slow deep breaths can wash a calm over you.”

According to Naomi, rather than ignoring anxiety or stress, it is far better to acknowledge and accept it to get past it. “Our MeditationRings can help bring you into the present and acknowledge the anxiety, while calming your thoughts,” she says. “The spinning motion creates a rhythmic sound and sensation that can help you focus your thoughts and emotions and center yourself in the moment.” She guides to start associating the MeditationRing with something positive—a "happy place," a pleasing memory, or find a remote spot to sit and enjoy the calmness—spin the band with nothing but positive thoughts. “Everyday, whether you are stuck in traffic, in a meeting, or at the bus stop, try to close your eyes even for a quick moment, take a deep breath in and a deep breath out while spinning the band on your MeditationRing,” she adds. “You will find this to be a soothing and effective way to get rid of those negative thoughts, anxiety feelings or just to focus on that present moment and clear your mind.”

One of Naomi’s clients, a mother, was looking for a little Meditation Ring for her son, who had ADHD and was having trouble sitting still during class at school. She purchased one of their stackable Meditation Rings which are good for children as they are lighter to wear and more comfortable. “She expressed to us later that is has really given her son comfort and has been a needed tool for him to help assist during the long school day,” says the steadfast leader. “We have also have received feedback that our rings have been great in helping people suffering from PTSD.”

Naomi wants to continue to bring her brand to the public for the days to come while creating awareness about Mental Health and the importance of acceptance and love. “We would like to continue with the wholesale part of our business and work with retailers across North America to showcase our brand,” she says. “We would like to expand our line of more affordable Meditation Rings so that they are accessible to everyone. We recently partnered with the Canadian Mental Health Association, National and we donate a percentage of our online orders to help bring awareness to Mental Health issues. We would like to be able to do more to help remove the stigma of Mental Health Disorders and promote more acceptance and understanding.” IE




Naomi Traimer


The brand MeditationRings is based in Toronto, Canada and over the last several years we have created a new trend in the fashion jewelry industry based on spinning rings. Our collections’ pieces are all hand crafted from artisans in Israel and Thailand from .925 Sterling Silver with elements of Silver, Gold and semi-precious stones.

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