Nancy Tengler CIO of Laffer Tengler Investments, Best CIOs of 2021 Profile

Nancy Tengler
CIO of Laffer Tengler Investments

Nancy Tengler CIO of Laffer Tengler Investments, Best CIOs of 2021

“Implementing Unique Investment Strategies”

Nancy Tengler, Chief Investment Officer at Laffer Tengler Investments, began her investing career in the 1980s and since then has led investment teams through bear markets, bull markets, bubbles and the aftermath. Over her entire career, her disciplined yet adaptable approach has benefited her clients. Because of Nancy's expertise and experience, she has built an impressive investment team at Laffer Tengler that manages investments directly for clients, rather than simply picking outside managers. This allows Laffer Tengler to deliver an exceptional customer experience while keeping client expenses down.

Nancy began her career in San Francisco and after only 10 years, was picked as the head of value equities for UBS Asset Management, where she worked with some of their wealthiest clients from around the globe. She became the CIO of Fremont Investment Advisors, managing the Bechtel Corporation's retirement assets and the family wealth. In her role at Fremont, Nancy continued to employ her time-proven equity disciplines, oversee fixed income and honed a manager search and evaluation process to hire the very best global, small-cap, and hedge fund strategists for the Bechtel family wealth.

Now, as CIO and chief spokesperson of Laffer Tengler Investments, Nancy oversees all the investment strategies while also pursuing her passion for providing a forum for educating women on investing. Her book, "The Women's Guide to Successful Investing," and her regular column in USA Today serve as a touchpoint for women, or any investor for that matter, who want to become better investors. Her experience as a CIO, client-facing portfolio manager, speaker and author on women and investing is at the core of Laffer Tengler's investment performance and strong growth.

Having managed money for clients in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Nancy has learned to identify investment themes applied to the firm's portfolios. "Our overriding focus at Laffer Tengler is to remember- it is the client's money, not ours. We believe that generational wealth should be respected and grown for future generations," says Nancy.

Laffer Tengler Investments customizes each client's portfolio based on their specific needs. No two portfolios look alike, which is a time-intensive process and much different than the cookie-cutter approach many firms employ. "We involve all of the owners of wealth: both spouses and children to ensure the family objectives are met. We then insist on quarterly review meetings to ensure the previous goals established together remain intact," explains Nancy. "We utilize a state-of-the-art technology platform including robust protections for client data and communications. We work with the global leader in custodial services and are constantly striving to improve our processes. By working closely with clients, we can get closer to what's most important to them. This approach helps us understand their investment goals and objectives to help create investment strategies to achieve them."

"We also communicate with our clients in their preferred mode—adapting to them instead of the other way around," says Nancy. Laffer Tengler clients can access their account data on their secure app via mobile phone, laptop or tablet. "For instance, Black Diamond is our client performance reporting system. Although many advisors use the same or similar systems, we consistently get compliments from our existing clients on how we have customized the reports to fit their requirements," says Nancy.

Laffer Tengler also delivers investment research and opinion to clients electronically to provide total transparency regarding how money is managed. Laffer Tengler Investments knows that if they can keep costs down and protect their assets when markets suffer major reversals, clients get to keep more of their money. "We focus on managing costs by directly managing core equity strategies and using ETFs and low-cost funds for non-core holdings," says Nancy.

Laffer Tengler recently launched their new Women, Wealth, and Your Legacy initiative, including streaming educational events for anyone interested in learning more about investing.

They are also launching an ESG strategy called the Laffer Tengler Global Revolution focused on green energy and are enhancing their options programs to ensure they are protecting their clients' long-only portfolios. "When you invest a client's money as though it were your own (and invest your own money alongside your clients), you build trust and loyalty," says Nancy. "We want to invest our clients' wealth through multiple generations. Treating their wealth with respect and transparency is our DNA. We don't lose clients, and we don't lose our talent." Advisory services offered through Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. All investments include risk, including the possibility of loss of principal.IE


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