Marjorie (Gabbett) DiLima, Managing Partner of Fait & DiLima, LLP, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Marjorie DiLima
Managing Partner of Fait & DiLima, LLP

Marjorie (Gabbett) DiLima, Managing Partner of Fait & DiLima, LLP Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Leading with Zeal & Enthusiasm”

Before 1977, lawyers and law firms were prohibited from advertising. It was rare that a firm even had a website for fear that the Attorney Grievance Commission would wage a complaint against them. Clients were obtained by referrals – from other clients and sometimes from other attorneys. Over time, the Bar rules loosened up. Advertising is now permitted. The digital age is upon us. Older attorneys resist change and the idea of digital marketing and advertising. Young lawyers are pros at everything digital, including any new developments in software, apps, and the digital marketplace for law. This creates more competition.

Marjorie G. DiLima, Managing Partner, Fait & DiLima, led the law firm out of the “dark ages” and attacked advertising and marketing with zeal. She created a vision for the firm that was unprecedented, and her perseverance to fulfill her vision for the firm is unparalleled. Marjorie has tirelessly researched and sought out education on many different issues related to marketing and advertising, running the firm with efficiency, providing better client service, and team building within the firm. This also includes getting up to speed in the digital age and reorganizing the whole filing system by adding software and training her team.

Marjorie and her partner, Dorothy Fait wrote a book called “Divorce in Maryland” for people who needed questions answered. The book empowers the reader with knowledge, including what to look for in an attorney. Some clients come to consults with their book -- dog eared and highlighted. Marjorie is currently working on another book about divorce and sharing stories of divorce situations, including her own.

Marjorie belongs to EO – Entrepreneurs Organization. Through the organization, she has interacted and been involved with many women, as they support and inspire each other in their pursuits. Marjorie is often asked to mentor new women attorneys. Marjorie takes this role seriously and with delight. She takes women under her wing and teaches them about the law, court, judges, and the like. She also talks to them about their goals and possibilities of entrepreneurship.

“Marjorie G. DiLima, Managing Partner, Fait & DiLima, led the law firm out of the “dark ages” and attacked advertising and marketing with zeal. She created a vision for the firm that was unprecedented, and her perseverance to fulfill her vision for the firm is unparalleled.”

In addition, she counsels new attorneys who have gone out on their own and provides resources to assist them in their practice.

Marjorie is also an adjunct professor at a local college where she teaches Family Law to Paralegal Study students. She often focuses on empowering the students (mostly women) to go beyond school and be whatever they dream. If they can envision it, it is real and it will happen. Her partner provided mentorship to Marjorie with her professionalism, career goals, practicing law and by sharing valuable life lessons. That mentorship instilled confidence in Marjorie, who became more of a leader and sought to inspire others. “Dorothy Fait is the founding partner of our law firm. It was created to be a premier family law firm in the DMV area to meet the needs of clients with sensitivity, while maintaining the highest professional standards.”

The firm’s most significant achievement continues to be client satisfaction and exceeding their expectations. “As we grow rapidly, our long-term team members and client referrals grow with us. We are proud of the firm we have built and we have helped many, many clients get through the “divorce process” and come out on the other side better than ever and ready to start their new lives,” she says.

Fait & DiLima is implementing new systems and processes to show clients they value them from inception to close. “Our welcome packets will provide an abundance of information regarding services and products that we offer and will assist our clients during their journey,” explains Marjorie. “In addition, we are adding a civil and criminal department to our offices, which will expand our family law practice. The anticipation is that our clients will love our services and special treatment, and in turn, will provide strong testimonials, which will attract more potential clients, because people trust their peers, and then allow us to help more people.”

Marjorie and her team's prioritization of client success is an essential aspect of their growth. “Our satisfied clients are important because they maintain loyalty, while increasing referrals and advertising on our behalf. Tracking this data allows us to assess what areas we need to work on to improve the health of our client base and to better serve our clients.”IEWL


Fait & DiLima, LLP


Marjorie DiLima
Managing Partner of Fait & DiLima, LLP


The delicate circumstances involved in any family law matter require the skilled legal counsel of a team of experienced attorneys. Fait & DiLima, LLP, provide exceptional representation to individuals who face the challenges brought on by family law disputes in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

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