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Lucija Sajevec
Chief Executive Officer of AMZS

Lucija Sajevec, CEO of AMZS, certificate

“Inspiring Those Around Her with Speed”

Hailing from a sports background, Lucija Sajevec, CEO of AMZS d.d. , has a unique mindset that sustaining the right things is key to creating a movement where employees feel part of a mission and find their place in it. The point is not just to work but to co-create a business. In this way, employees internalize the story, take it for their own, and above all, live it, which is also reflected in the results.

Lucija swears by honest and open communication, collaborative leadership, goal orientation, perseverance, authenticity, a positive approach, team strength, values, and enjoyment at work. The proper measure of the above leads to success.

Lucija inspires and empowers women entrepreneurs across industries, including mentoring young people, coaching, helping start-ups, and being a prestigious ]member of the Women in motorsport committee at AMZS d.d. . “I find it difficult to share advices, but I think the most important thing (and my wish to all others) is that everything we do gives us joy, fulfils us, and gives us a sense of purpose, and finally, a challenge,” she says. “Success comes as a result. I have always chosen work that challenges me and where I can be a real added value to the company, colleagues, partners. A work that contributes to the success of all. I associate the work itself not only with results and creativity, but also with continuous learning.”

Sport has already taught Lucija that there are no shortcuts in life, and you are only rewarded with success if you are willing to work hard and persevere. It’s similar in business. “With the awareness that accompanies me from an early age, I find it easier to face challenges in the business world as well as in other areas of life,” adds Lucija. “And just as it is in sports, it is also true in business - there are no results without a good team. I am truly grateful and proud of the co-workers with whom I write my journey. Glad for dedication, support, and help. Everything is possible. Set a goal, roll up your sleeves and go for it. Do not stop even when it’s hard. When you fall, get up and look at what you learned from the situation, then move on. Look ahead, sometimes look in the side mirrors or in the rear, but just to see that you are still on the right track. In the meantime, take care of your soul and physical fitness, as life is a long-distance run.” Armed with such a unique ideology, Lucija has been taking the company to new heights.

AMZS d.d. carefully creates a mobility ecosystem and is its members' first choice for safe, carefree, and sustainable mobility. By connecting various stakeholders, AMZS d.d. provides comprehensive solutions in the field of mobility. AMZS d.d. always puts the users; first that is why all generations trust them. Through their care, they inspire and expand the membership community that is the source of our tradition and the inspiration for the future. AMZS d.d. is proudly developing Slovenian motorsport.

For more than 112 years, AMZS has been carrying out the noble mission and is more than just a guardian of safe mobility. They are an integrator of mobility solutions, which with 29 centers across Slovenia, including the AMZS d.d. Safe driving Center, the Driving School, and the Karting and Motor Sports Center, amazes users with the right solutions. Looking to the future and seeking new opportunities, AMZS d.d. are increasingly focused on future mobility.

With the company Avant car, AMZS d.d. deepened their cooperation in electric mobility and established the company eFrend. They will strengthen sustainable operations and support a faster transformation into a more environmentally friendly form of mobility in Slovenia. eFrend is a business platform that brings together partners and providers to raise awareness and educate the broader society about sustainable mobility. At the same time, it enables subscribers to make the most optimal transition to electric mobility through different packages. “We also actively focus on modern mobility. NOMO is a free, intuitive and user-friendly service that allows you to easily and efficiently meet your individual's daily mobility needs while saving money, time and reducing your carbon footprint,” says Lucija. IEWL




Lucija Sajevec
Chief Executive Officer of AMZS



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