Loreen Babcock, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Montefiore Health System, Best CMOs of 2021 Profile

Loreen Babcock
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Montefiore Health System

Loreen Babcock, Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Montefiore Health System, Best CMOs of 2021

“A Strategic Thinker & Innovator”

Loreen Babcock, CMO of Montefiore, is nothing short of a highly regarded pioneer in healthcare marketing, a forward-reaching thinker here to challenge the rules. Although deeply strategic as she leads, she isn’t afraid to motivate her teams with an iconoclastic mix of both empathy and daring. As CMO of Montefiore, one of New York’s premier academic health systems, Loreen has redefined healthcare marketing not just here, but for the entire industry. How? By disrupting the status quo, smashing antiquated boundaries, and raising the bar on both category and creative execution to inspire meaningful – and lasting – change.

This dedication to inspiration, grounded in Montefiore’s own commitment and vital mission, became a guiding force during the pandemic. While our country, as well as the world, had to learn an entirely new way of living through quarantine, panic, and confusion, it was essential that the communities that Montefiore serves were kept educated and informed. Equally essential: that the heroic healthcare workers on the very front line of the coronavirus epidemic were recognized and fueled by inspiration.

“Expanding our marketing audience to our own healthcare workers, these selfless heroes putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk to save thousands of other lives, was a surreal and historic moment,” says Loreen. “The big question for me was how to connect with our healthcare workers in a way that would have each and every one of them feel our deep gratitude for their courage and bravery to go to the frontline of an unknown battle for the sake of others—for the sake of us. Even more, how that would extend to all healthcare workers placing the healing of their communities before their own needs and safety for the betterment of humanity.”

The stakes could not have been higher. And the need for 24/7, all hands-on deck - as well as the need to rapidly change the context of expedited schedules to ‘COVID Time’ - all required a keen eye toward staying the course of meeting new objectives. Loreen, her marketing team, and her creative, media, production and promotional partners collectively rose to the challenge. Although she, her team or her resource partners did not have a role on the frontline, every single one committed to do their part, whatever it took, whenever it was needed. The outcome was an incredible body of work, as well as new learning - with a positive response from healthcare workers and the market that exceeded all expectations.

“As the crisis is receding, the mission continues its shift to re-establish consumer trust and to motivate the confidence that we will keep patients safe,” explains Loreen. “An important part of that communication is understanding that there are many who are fearful of returning to caring for their health. We must not shy away from that fear, but instead have knowledge and understanding of it. Only then can we create communications that are empathic – unique to our communities —in order to help assure the health of those in our communities is not compromised.” Loreen knows that providing awareness and an easy path to facilitate the adoption of new ways to receive care, such as virtual visits and consultations, is one way to accomplish this goal. And that COVID-19 has also significantly expanded those in need of mental health care, which requires an added emphasis to provide awareness and access to meet this new, greater need.

Leading with both passion and a uniquely egalitarian approach, Loreen believes in breakthrough work on all levels because breakthrough is what changes the paradigm. “Challenge marketing strategy and channels as you have known it. Be brave to resist conventional marketing practices. And above all, show your authenticity.” IEWL


Montefiore Health System


Loreen Babcock
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer
Montefiore Health System


Montefiore is one of New York’s premier academic health systems, renowned for its leading medical school, groundbreaking research and technology, and highly specialized, coordinated care for diverse populations in the New York region, across the country and globally.

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