Lisa L. Levy, Founder & CEO at Lcubed Consulting, Best WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Lisa L. Levy
Founder & CEO at Lcubed Consulting

Lisa L. Levy, Founder & CEO at Lcubed Consulting, Best WomenLeaders of 2021

“Transforming the Culture of a Business”

In 2009 when Lisa L. Levy, Founder, and CEO of Lcubed Consulting, founded Lcubed, her goal was to bring back some common sense to the consulting model. She worked in organizations and saw C-level executives bring in teams of consultants to focus on their business function, vertical, or silo and noticed the reinforcement of the silos, rather than cross-functional teams learning how to work together to drive the businesses forward. “From the beginning, my goal, my foundation was to break silos, and to harness the power of cross functional work. It's the only way, businesses can grow and scale.”

As the consulting practice matured over time, there were some key areas Lcubed typically did business in project management process performance management, internal controls, and organizational change management. These are business functions unto themselves, in larger companies. “But as I was building a model for the market middle market, I realized growing companies don't have the manpower or the budget to build out these functions. However, the fundamental skills and capabilities are still critical to the success of their businesses. This was the beginning of developing the Adaptive Transformation™ framework. We use those four best practices together,” says Lisa. “Leveraging strengths and key capabilities to build out competance across business functions regardless of role, so they are well positioned to drive work and business forward.”

Lisa introduced the Adaptive Transformation™ framework in her book Future Proofing cubed The Definitive Guide to Increasing Productivity Refining Processes and Bolstering Profitability. The power of Adaptive Transformation™ and the capabilities of project management process performance management internal controls and organizational change management, being built into all roles and functions in a business, resonates because it focuses on driving results and demonstrating value. It allows leadership to be agile in thinking to change directions and minimize resistance within the employee base to get things done.

“One of the other layers that we've added on over time, is the idea of customer centricity. It provides focus for the Adaptive Transformation™ framework.” Lisa says, “It's about those four best practices working together, but it's also about having the customer at the center of a business's universe really knowing how, day to day operations impacts the customer. And if things don't drive value to that customer. Everyone is empowered to question the value of the activity.” She adds, “So, when a business leverages everything we have to offer with the Adaptive Transformation™ framework, we have leaders who are agile in their thinking and their leadership style. They fostering a culture breeding ongoing innovation coming from thier employees and the ongoing continuous improvement input from looking at how they do work and why they do it.” This whole concept, when it is fully implemented and executed, changes the culture of a business fundamentally and positions the business leaders to think and build a vision for the future, knowing their operating model can keep up with them and accomplish what they need to add value to their customers.

Lisa is designing and building an Adaptive Transformation™ Academy with the learning content tied to project management process, performance management, internal controls, organizational change management, the four foundational disciplines. “We are also looking at lighting up a video and podcast platform monthly. We'll host a panel discussion with leaders in different industries who are being disruptive, or trying to figure out how to become disruptive, to showcase the impact of challenging the status quo in your own business. We are also considering forming a Mastermind or Council, where we can nurture a peer to peer network and share ideas in a safe and confidential space; allowing leaders to test those thoughts before they formalilze them for their teams,” adds Lisa. IE


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Lisa L. Levy
Founder & CEO at Lcubed Consulting


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