Lexy Onofrio, Senior Vice President Marketing at Ascena Retail Group, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Lexy Onofrio
Senior Vice President Marketing at Ascena Retail Group

Lexy Onofrio, Senior Vice President Marketing at Ascena Retail Group, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021

“Dedicated towards Customer Gratification”

Lexy Onofrio, SVP of Marketing, Ascena, is an innovative brand leader with experience encompassing marketing, creative direction, product assortment, and visual merchandising during pivotal stages of evolution and business growth in the specialty retail sphere. She leads with a digital-first, customer-focused mindset, keeping the customer front and center when connecting cross-channel brand assets and leveraging data to personalize shopping experiences across brand touchpoints for the brands she oversees.

“Lexy has a strong record developing and delivering marketing and brand presentation excellence --strengthening brand image, growing sales and building consumer loyalty. Lead with digital-first, customer-focused mindset, demonstrating exceptional talent curating product content for customer relevance, connecting cross-channel brand assets, and leveraging data to personalize shopping experience in order to drive engagement at every touchpoint.”

With over 30 years in the industry, Lexy brings a robust understanding of the customer she serves to her role, with a sense of relatability of their personal journey. Lexy is inspired by the customer of each brand she serves; they drive her to do better in her work. Lexy’s overall goal is to inspire and encourage the customer, making her feel amazing in the apparel she selects so that she can walk her way with confidence each day. She is also inspired by the customer, aiming to serve women to help them accomplish their best, no matter their personal goals or aspirations.

Those who work with Lexy know her as a highly motivated visionary leader. She is honest, intuitive, and an incredibly supportive leader to her peers and team by architecting and leading the brands she serves to greatness. Lexy notes that her goal is to deliver the best experience for both the internal – also known as the brand associates – and external customers.

Lexy has been extremely lucky to have been exposed to some bad-ass ladies during her career in the retail industry. Lexy noted that she had been led and inspired by the women she has worked with, allowing her to incorporate many great learnings of what to do AND what not to do into her path. Their example of leadership allowed Lexy time to discover her way in her career by learning by example, while encouraging her to tap into talents she never knew she had.

She has been able to create an amazing network of women over the years. Lexy is grateful for their advice, as well as their actions, and has followed their growth for over 30+ years. She continues to learn from the experiences of her network of bad-ass, inspirational women daily. Lexy credits her mother as another inspiration, noting she has taught her to be true to herself and to have a strong work ethic. She also credits her daughter, who inspires her daily to evolve. Lexy says her daughter teaches her ways to connect and brings Lexy self-awareness throughout her journey.

Lexy truly places the customer at the center of her work as a leader and actively encourages her team to embody that approach in their daily work. The customer-first mentality is certainly a differentiator among the respective competitive set for each brand she touches. “Ann Taylor is rooted in a heritage of work wear, iconic silhouettes, signature color, print and pattern. The brand blends the best of sophisticated, relevant design with notable quality and fit while staying one step ahead of the modern woman’s needs and desires driven by her evolving, and now hybrid lifestyle,” she explains. “LOFT prides itself on mood-boosting prints and color, playful design elements and the feel-good nature of their fits.”

Lexy has been integral in creating a two-way conversation with the customer by inviting her voice into the brands’ storytelling and her preferences into the shopping experience for both Ann Taylor and Loft. She also has been a customer-first champion for the Lane Bryant business, offering customers style with solutions.

“We’ve listened to invaluable customer feedback and incorporated her wants and needs into our apparel offering, without sacrificing an ounce of style. We’ve been fitting women for over 120+ years and can confidently offer her with a fit she can trust as industry fit experts,” Lexy said. “For the days to come, we will continue to truly listen to what our customer is asking for from our respective brands and implement that feedback into product and programs that support her. This approach will always be a key touchstone for each brand under our umbrella.” IEWL


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Lexy Onofrio
Senior Vice President Marketing at
Ascena Retail Group


ascena is a leading national specialty retailer offering apparel, shoes, and accessories for women through our brands Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Lou & Grey, Lane Bryant and Cacique. We operate ecommerce websites and over 1,200 stores throughout the United States.

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