Kristin Steele, Founder at LaunchPad Creative LLC, Most Aspiring Women Leaders of 2021 Profile

Kristin Steele
Founder at LaunchPad Creative LLC

Kristin Steele, Founder at LaunchPad Creative LLC, Most Aspiring Women Leaders of 2021

“The Brand that builds other businesses brands”

Kristin Steele's vision and ability to understand how a process can be improved, as well as her ability to build strong relationships effectively with people, have been key assets throughout her career and as the founder of LaunchPad Creative LLC. Kristin believes that these qualities, as well as the distinct personalities of LPC's team members, contribute to the firm's success. Kristin truly believes it isn’t a single person that makes a company, but rather, it is the collective effort of the right team of people that make something remarkable.

Kristin Steele created LaunchPad Creative as she saw a need in the financial services industry for companies to differentiate themselves and clearly articulate their value proposition in order to retain and attract clients. Granted, there are certain similarities among businesses that provide similar services to the same client base. However, there are distinct business characteristics that often are not extracted and showcased in a firm’s brand identity, content, elevator pitch, or marketing strategies. LPC aims to identify these unique and compelling attributes to help firms articulate their competitive advantage and convey them through beautiful brand design and compelling content to expand their businesses.

LaunchPad Creative's mission is to work with financial services firms on tailored marketing, branding, and lead generation activities that will launch them into the next phase of exponential growth. LPC assists its clients in achieving this goal through a variety of services such as brand exploration and design, website design and development, marketing strategy formulation, content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation tactics (email marketing and inbound lead strategies), and public relations.

Kristin Steele says, “What we learned is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Each client requires different marketing strategies to help them reach their goals. For example, we may provide content generation and social media marketing to one client and brand strategy formulation to another. What each client receives from us is a streamlined approach that is clear and effective in meeting their objectives.”

When creating LPC, Kristin was intentional about defining the company’s key tenets to attract a team who are committed to providing the level of service excellence our clients deserve. Our key tenets are:

1. We foster an environment of continuous learning and constantly challenge what we know.

2. We are transparent with each other and our clients to ensure we are consistently aligned.

3. We have a sense of purpose: we are respectful of our time and the time we seek from others.

4. We strive to bring humor and joy to the people we interact with.

With LaunchPad Creative, Kristin aspires to help educate people on how marketing + sales + product + leadership need to be aligned to create a single voice that creates an unforgettable brand. If these stakeholders are not involved and on board with the go-to-market plan, inevitably, the strategy will fail. LaunchPad Creative aims to help companies create alignment and get behind a single strategy with measurable goals to launch their firm into the next phase of exponential growth.

Kristin says, “My advice to young people taking their first step into corporate America is to never think that you are an underdog. Approach everything with confidence and humility. Give everyone the respect that you hope to receive. Be a team player. Be true to yourself and your values. Be humble, be grateful, be the hardest working person in the room. People will take notice and will want to help or mentor you along the way. It is a fun ride!”

Kristin's integrity, leadership, hands-on approach, and relationship-focused vision have enabled LaunchPad Creative to achieve tremendous success in a short period. These qualities make her a prominent leader. IEWL


LaunchPad Creative LLC


Kristin Steele
Founder at LaunchPad Creative LLC


LaunchPad Creative is a full-service strategic marketing and communications firm focused on helping alternative investment management and professional services firms create strategic marketing solutions that build brand awareness and lead generation.

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