Kristin Hassan, Managing Partner Strategy & Creative at HashtagHealth, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Kristin Hassan
Managing Partner, Strategy & Creative at HashtagHealth

Kristin Hassan, Managing Partner Strategy & Creative at HashtagHealth, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

Motivating Health Care Community

As the head of strategic and creative operations at HashtagHealth, Kristin Hassan leads by example with passion, ingenuity, and grace. Driven to uncover unique insights that differentiate and elevate how HashtagHealth approaches every initiative, Kristin holds herself and her creative team to the highest standards. She is constantly pushing the envelope to find dynamic new ways to motivate the health care community. Her motivation comes from the amazing patients and families who engage with many of HashtagHealth’s projects.

Kristin inspires and empowers women entrepreneurs across industries into becoming great leaders of tomorrow through dedication, resilience, creativity, and a solid work ethic; she believes anyone—regardless of gender—can fulfill their potential. There are no limitations to achieving any desired level of greatness or success: hard work is all that’s required. Giving up on aspirations or dreams is not an option, no matter how many obstacles may present themselves. She firmly believes that if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Kristin has had many role models throughout her life who have influenced her work ethic or ignited her passion for creating. In the last decade, she has been most inspired by her business partner, Brittany Latson. Together, Kristin and Brittany cofounded, and continue to comanage, HashtagHealth. Brittany’s philosophy, passion, and unrivaled support are a constant motivation for Kristin: they work together in complementary ways to blaze new trails and motivate the health care community. Armed with these qualities, this steadfast leader has been taking the company to new heights.

HashtagHealth was created to improve the way people share and access information about health through focusing on the channels they most commonly engage with—namely, social media. Since its inception, HashtagHealth has been the only agency to specialize exclusively in social media communications and marketing for health care. The company has positioned itself as a trusted partner with unrivaled expertise: while other agencies may offer similar services, HashtagHealth is the only one to focus 100% in this arena. Kristin explains, “This allows our creative teams to become experts and innovators in leveraging social channels to meet the unique needs of the health care industry. We believe that social media is a science driven by strategy, inspired by creativity, and balanced by business. In doing business with integrity, we approach every project with the client’s specific goals in mind, and we never push ideas or concepts that wouldn’t ultimately achieve success.”

As social platforms evolve, so do HashtagHealth’s services and offerings. They are always working with their clients to optimize their social campaigns’ style, design, and format to mesh with the ever-changing social landscape. “Frequently, we help our clients pioneer the use of new media, platforms, or engagement protocols on emerging platforms within their organizations—often a very complicated and monumental task, given the strict limitations of the pharmaceutical industry,” Kristin adds.

Many of HashtagHealth’s clients are interested in driving disease education across social media—for health care professionals as well as for patients and their families. The company helps develop powerful social media campaigns with content to share critical information about various diseases and health conditions. They track performance metrics and engagement analytics related to those campaigns, thus enabling clients to see the tremendous impact of their work on the social community. “The most rewarding feedback we receive—and share with our clients—comes in the form of direct engagements by patients and caregivers who express their support for and appreciation of the work we do—often with deep gratitude for the information they have found through our campaigns,” remarks Kristin. “Of all the things we’ve achieved as an agency, we are most proud of the incredible team we’ve cultivated over the past six years. Their dedication and passion have helped form HashtagHealth into a unique agency driven to delivering exceptional work.” IEWL




Kristin Hassan
Managing Partner, Strategy & Creative
at HashtagHealth


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