Kathleen Stengel, CEO of NeurAbilities Healthcare, Best Successful CEOs of 2021 Profile

Kathleen Stengel
CEO of NeurAbilities Healthcare

Kathleen Stengel, CEO of NeurAbilities Healthcare, Best Successful CEOs of 2021

“Supporting & Transforming Leaders of Tomorrow”

Kathleen Stengel, CEO, NeurAbilities Healthcare, is a dynamic and visionary leader who brings both clinical experience and business acumen to the industry. This unique combination of skills has equipped Ms. Stengel to enhance and streamline operations, support clinical excellence, and develop advanced training programs to expand and grow services. Furthermore, she has a unique way of engaging her team, empowering them to lead, and challenging them to innovate. The positive energy and authenticity that Ms. Stengel brings to the role sets her apart in transforming an organization. Staying focused on the mission and vision while embodying the organizational value of “joy” is Ms. Stengel’s formula for success.

As a lifelong advocate for individuals with special needs and their families, Ms. Stengel is passionate about supporting individuals (all individuals she meets) in achieving their goals and finding their joy. This commitment to making a difference in the lives of others is at the heart of the missions and visions for the organizations she leads. She has cultivated a talented and collaborative team by recognizing individuals’ strengths, teaching independence, providing opportunities, and supporting people along the way. Her vision and approach motivate individuals to make positive changes within themselves to grow as leaders, which benefits the industry's future. Her advice to aspiring women leaders: “Never stop learning how to be better. Stay focused on your mission, cultivate a collaborative team, and keep the joy alive in the face of the challenges that come with leading an organization.”

Ms. Stengel’s role model is her mother, Christine—a single mother who raised three children and worked a full-time job. She worked tirelessly to provide for her children. Christine also demonstrated the importance of living one’s values, being a good person, and following a moral compass. These examples and life lessons have guided Ms. Stengel through her life, personally and professionally, and are at the foundation of her leadership style.

NeurAbilities Healthcare’s story started 15 years ago (formerly The Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health) and remains steadfast today with a dedication to putting patients first and providing expert, personalized, and comprehensive clinical care, all within one organization. Historically, patients with neurological concerns (i.e., autism, ADHD, seizures, Tourette’s, etc.) had to schedule evaluations with specialists from different organizations and piece together possible diagnoses and treatment solutions. This process caused fragmentation of care, often leading to misdiagnoses, overmedication, and, ultimately, strain on patients and their families. NeurAbilities Healthcare brings together the experts needed to provide evaluation, diagnoses, and treatments for individuals with neurological, behavioral, developmental, and cognitive concerns across the lifespan. Their experts work collaboratively to provide a seamless experience for patients and their families. Ultimately, this unique care model leads to greater success in finding answers to patients’ diagnostic concerns and identifying effective treatment solutions.

NeurAbilities Healthcare is growing and expanding to serve the many people in need, including the rising number of individuals with autism. Twenty years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control, the prevalence of autism was 1 in 150 individuals. Today, it is 1 in 54 nationwide, and in New Jersey, it is 1 in 32. “We have brought together the experts necessary to provide comprehensive evaluations for neurodevelopmental disorders, find answers, and offer the necessary treatments,” says Ms. Stengel. “Over the past year and a half, NeurAbilities has opened five treatment clinics for children with autism to serve communities across New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Over the coming months and years, we will continue to address this growing need by expanding services to provide necessary evaluations and treatments.” IEWL


NeurAbilities Healthcare


Kathleen Stengel
CEO of NeurAbilities Healthcare


NeurAbilities Healthcare is a member of CNNH NeuroHealth. A new name and look for 2020... the same excellence in care for the patients that we serve. CNNH NeuroHealth was born out of a vision to bring together a compassionate multidisciplinary team of experts in neurological, neuropsychological, and neurobehavioral care all under one roof with a constant dedication to the highest standards of care. Our experts view problems and issues from many different angles, incorporating evidence-based evaluations and then making innovative intervention recommendations.

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