Jenny Ruth, CEO Of Emergency Construction Group, Most Admired WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Jenny Ruth
CEO Of Emergency Construction Group

Jenny Ruth, CEO Of Emergency Construction Group, Most Admired WomenLeaders of 2021

As the creative force behind Emergency Construction Group, I lead with my deep love for spiritualism, emotional intelligence that brings balance to all situations, and my all out vigor for life. Emergency Construction Group is driven by one core value and it’s expressed perfectly by Alexander the Great, “With the right attitude, self-imposed limitations vanish.”

It is very important to me that I am inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs and women in general across all areas of their life. The successful women entrepreneurs I encounter daily that inspire and empower me wear many hats and change them regularly throughout the day. It is my daily intention to meet women where they are at in their life’s journey, find a relatable topic of interest, and see how my many years of networking can benefit them in their next move forward. One great connection can open up a whole new world. With little effort we could all assist in uplifting each other in business and otherwise. I hope to inspire women by living a life of fulfillment while not feeling guilty for it. Women are often raised to be people pleasers; I hope to empower them to break that mold. The happier we are as individuals the happier those in our experience will be. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” Albert Schweitzer

My journey thus far has been perfectly imperfect; many individuals have helped me become the leader I am today. The most impactful have been those who broke me, abandoned me, and closed the preverbal door in my face. Without life’s contrast we cannot clearly see what we deeply desire. I offer my gratitude to those who ignited my fire. My inspiration has changed over the years. In my 20’s I craved stability and love. In my 30’s I desired financial abundance and recognition. In my 40’s I embrace peace of mind and spiritual growth above all else. I learned that the path of least resistance is generally the road you should follow. In more simplistic terms; going with the flow. That concept nicely sets me up for my next thought. I’ve found when we do not search out mentors; we stumble into their experience with impeccable timing and an open mind for receiving their message. Throughout life we fill the roll many times as the mentor and then mentee. It is a continuous give and take as most things in life are.

Emergency Construction Group was born out of passion for customer service and a drive to push ourselves to continue growing in our industry and personally. My business partner and I had both been in the industry for a long time and we had seen firsthand what each company’s points of weakness were along all lines of the restoration process. We spent years cultivating our vision and a plan to bring transparency and communication to our customers. The execution process is forever evolving as technology and times change.

Emergency Construction Group has taken a broad and bold step when it comes to our competition. Our strategy has been to team up with our local competition and to build a network of the best of the best in our industry who work together under the same value system. In disaster restoration the goal of most companies is to care first and foremost for the customer, each situation brings new challenges, and different needs. It is in their time of need that we can step in and really make an impact. For us it has never been about the almighty dollar, but instead doing a great job and allowing the rest to take care of itself. It is important to me that our team stays centered and calm so that the customer can set their mind at ease and know they are in good hands. I found the best way to accomplish this is by having a happy and healthy work environment. It’s important to me that those on our team have a voice. We are at our best when we all bring our individual expertise and knowledge to the table.

Technology has played a big role in the growth of Emergency Construction Group. Social Media is an awesome tool that I use to create a brand and a personal persona. Like all areas of your life it takes consistency in order to reap the rewards. I feel what separates me from others on social media is my authenticity. People relate and connect to others who are open and vulnerable. My goal on social media is to bring followers into my headspace on multiple topics.

As a General Contractor it is our job to be solution oriented. In order to be successful we need to have a wide range of professionals in your circle of trust. Those who cannot maintain lasting relationships will eventually burn out. One of the most enjoyable things about our industry is that each project brings new challenges. This allows us to utilize our decision making skills daily on a wide range of topics. I enjoy problem solving and being open minded. One important lesson I learned as a business owner is that making decisions should be enjoyable. Own them when needed and celebrate the wins when you can. Business ownership is not a success only journey. In my opinion, ego has no place in a healthy work environment. I have seen it sink many ships over the years. I set a daily intention to enjoy whatever the day brings and to lead with my heart.

One of our greatest achievements so far has been cultivating an amazing relationship as business partners. Relationships take a lot of energy and effort. It is so rewarding setting small and large goals as a team and seeing them manifest into our experience. In life it is never about the destination, but the journey. We have both signed up for the day to day challenges and we both strive for customer satisfaction. We also both lead with pure intentions and an unshakable foundation made up by our values and morals. I believe that balance is what we strive for in all areas of our life. Having masculine and feminine energy leading our business brings this balance on naturally and speaks volumes to where we are as a society.

Our mission in the upcoming years is to continue being open minded to new technologies that can make our process run smoother and help with customer communication and transparency. The future is full of exciting wins for our team. Doors are opening daily and we enjoy collaborating with others regarding growth opportunities. IEWL


Emergency Construction Group


Jenny Ruth
CEO Of Emergency Construction Group


At ECG we specialize in immediate response & same day service to any size residential, commercial or industrial flood or fire in the Chicagoland area. We bring over 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise combined with the manpower and equipment to handle any size loss. It is our mission to serve our clients with constant communication, transparency, & strong ethical values. We follow IICRC guidelines to properly restore your home or business.

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