Jennifer Spano Director of Marketing at BDx Data Centers, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Jennifer Spano
Director of Marketing at BDx

Jennifer Spano Director of Marketing at BDx Data Centers, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Spearheading Innovative Programs”

Jennifer Spano, Director of Marketing of BDx Data Centers, is highly tenured and well-versed in marketing strategy, but more importantly, she’s not afraid to take chances. She is a native of Toronto, Canada, and relocated to Hong Kong in 2015 to advance her career. Before joining BDx, Jennifer held senior-level marketing positions for global technology companies, but she challenged herself when she accepted her current role at BDx. Even though the data center industry was new to her, Jennifer trusted herself to quickly learn the inner workings of the data center space while leaning on her vast marketing experience to do the job well. Jennifer is not afraid to push the boundaries - a quality she applies to her role at BDx.

“Big Data Exchange (BDx) is a Pan Asian data center cluster with sites throughout Hong Kong, mainland China and Singapore. Its unique hybrid cloud, connectivity and colocation solutions offer unparalleled security and reliability for the IT infrastructure of its global clientele.”

Within the first year of her joining the data center industry, Jennifer received international recognition as one of the 50 most influential marketers in the world from Data Economy. The data center industry is constantly in motion, and the fact that she received such recognition while still being a newcomer to the sector is an inspiration. Jennifer has learned to trust in her experience as a marketer and apply that to a new industry, which is a testament to her knowledge and ability to inspire other women in technology.

Within BDx, Jennifer spearheaded efforts to celebrate the advancements of women in technology. She created the Women Behind BDx series that highlights the women who work at BDx across social media and on the company blog. Jennifer also created and launched #BDxTheGap on International Women’s Day 2021. This ongoing initiative draws attention to closing the gender gap throughout the data center industry and across the globe. To kick off #BDxTheGap, Jennifer worked with other leaders at BDx and partner companies to pledge their commitment to celebrating women in the field via a viral campaign that spread across several global channels.

Marketing a Global Data Center Company During a Pandemic

BDx was founded in 2019 to meet enterprises' connectivity and colocation needs across the Asia Pacific region. Helping national and international companies connect to audiences in this critical region continues to be an area of focus for the company. When BDx launched, no one could have foreseen the demand COVID-19 would have on IT infrastructure. Many Asia-Pacific nations, including China, where the earliest cases of the virus were reported, were under lockdown orders, which caused the demand for secure and reliable colocation to skyrocket. This unprecedented situation demonstrated the need for data center companies like BDx to create more connectivity opportunities and remote options for IT leaders. BDx helped many customers navigate through challenging times and has made a difference by enabling enterprises to make connections.

During the height of the lockdown, BDx acquired a data center in Singapore. Jennifer led the efforts to do a virtual launch, complete with a virtual tour of the Singapore data center and talks from BDx leaders positioned worldwide. Virtual events in place of in-person events became a big focus for Jennifer throughout the pandemic. She led the effort to host a virtual roundtable with leaders from BDx, offering insights to IT leaders worldwide on how they moved through the early months of the pandemic. Jennifer also identified additional ways to virtually increase the company’s brand awareness, such as spearheading new and innovative campaigns to deliver BDx’s key strategic propositions to the market.

BDx will continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the data center space. As the fastest-growing data center cluster in APAC, BDx is rapidly expanding into other key markets across Asia, where enterprises can benefit from its advanced suite of services and solutions. The company will also open a facility in Nanjing, China, later this year. IE


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Jennifer Spano
Director of Marketing


BDx creates a secure hybrid ecosystem with its BDx SoftConnect, BDx Armour, and BDx Single Pane offerings, providing connectivity solutions across Asia. By using BDx automated modules, BDx is able to provide customers with a level of customization that rivals competitors in efficiency and cost, offering them the ability to manage physical racks with the same ease as working in public clouds.

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