Jean Ginzburg, Founder & CEO at Ginball Digital Marketing Profile

Jean Ginzburg
Founder & CEO at Ginball Digital Marketing

Jean Ginzburg, Founder & CEO at Ginball Digital Marketing

“Transforming the Digital Marketing Arena While Focusing on the Technology Sector”

Determination, the right mindset, and persistence would be the words to describe Jean Ginzburg, Founder and CEO of Ginball Digital Marketing, and the most critical ones for being an entrepreneur. “When I first started my business, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake to be an entrepreneur - it seemed so easy on social media. Definitely not the case in real life,” says Ginzburg. “I had to learn about everything entrepreneurship related - from networking to branding and sales to bookkeeping. I also invested in masterminds and peer advisory groups to learn about other business owners’ experiences.”

"One of the missions at Jean and Ginball Digital Marketing is supporting women entrepreneurs. This is a mission that’s been very important for Ginzburg as a business leader. "

One of the missions at Jean and Ginball Digital Marketing is supporting women entrepreneurs. This is a mission that’s been very important for Ginzburg as a business leader. “I want to empower women to become leaders and entrepreneurs so they can become independent. But in addition to just independence, I want to bring amazing women leaders and business owners to where they can make the most impact,” he says. “My advice for future women leaders and business owners is not to give up. Go after what you want!” The number one thing that entrepreneurs can do to start growing their business is to create content. “Find where your target market is hanging out - they are most likely on a social media platform - and start creating content that adds value to your audiences.”

Ginball Digital Marketing was born out of wanting to do something better than what was out there. So often, companies become complacent after they have gained some success. “That was the company I was working for before I started my own agency. I was servicing clients and I knew that I could do a much better job than where I currently was, at an organization riddled with the inefficiencies, stagnation and politics,” she explains. “The client pain points that I addressed when I started my new agency were providing the best possible customer service, which is one of our core values, creative ideas and innovative technology.”

When Ginzburg first started in digital marketing, her area of expertise was in affiliate marketing. Soon after that, Ginzburg pivoted the business because she realized that the organization needed to be involved with the entire digital marketing strategy in order to provide the best service to the clients. “After the pivot, we decided to offer a suite of services where clients could just partner with us as their expanded digital marketing organization,” adds Ginzburg.

Discussing an instance showcasing Ginzburg & her team’s unique solutions is a technology company whose mission was to scale their revenue. “When we first started working together, the client was a $2.5MM business. Our strategy was to implement creative digital marketing campaigns that resonated with the client’s audiences,” she explains. “We were going after a niche market and we concluded that the market likes watching videos, engaging on social media and interacting with Facebook Messenger and texting. So, we created campaigns to double down on those channels. After a year, the tech company client 4Xed sales revenue and closed out 2020 with over $10MM in revenue.”

It is pertinent to mention, Ginball Digital Marketing has witnessed explosive growth in 2020! “We doubled our revenue from September 2020 to October 2020 and have been growing every month. “Our goal is to always support business owners, especially women entrepreneurs. We are continuing to provide service in digital marketing and social media but with a focus on cutting-edge technology, as well as expanding to support businesses outside the US,” elucidates Ginzburg. “We will 10x the company in 2 years which will include taking on more challenging projects, growing our team and, for me, becoming the best servant leader! Besides focusing on leading the organization, I am also working on other ventures.” IE


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