Jasmine Marra, Vice President of Bromwich+Smith, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Jasmine Marra
Vice President of Bromwich+Smith

Jasmine Marra, Vice President of Bromwich+Smith, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“A People’s Leader”

Chances are if you are calling Bromwich+Smith, a licensed insolvency trustee, you are feeling stressed about money, debt and your finances. And yet, when you finally make that critical call for information and assistance, you will be greeted with a friendly non-judgmental debt relief specialist who will help review your personal situation and provide some options for you to move forward in your finances to rebuild.

“A natural leader with a passion for the human condition to push the envelope and garner support from key stakeholders. A unique blend of consumer background, analytics and operational thinking ensures marketing steps are seeped in strategy and insights to deliver results. Passionate about whole life wellness - at work, at home and in the community!”

“When I came into my first meeting with Bromwich and Smith, I felt ashamed and humiliated. I felt like I was coming in to admit defeat for mishandling my affairs. I thought this was going to be a terrible process. I could not have been more incorrect. The Bromwich and Smith agent was incredibly warm and caring. I was treated with the utmost of dignity and respect from the first meeting. The advice I was given was fantastic and was delivered with compassion. I don’t know how I would have gotten through the collapse of my consulting company without BSI’s assistance. Anytime I have called in, I have been treated like family and been given great support. If you are having any financial trouble at all, I would reach out before it becomes too consuming. I know a lot of my assumptions were proven incorrect by these wonderful people.” – Paul Chinook, Bromwich+Smith client.

Bromwich+Smith is more than a licensed insolvency trustee. They help people through some of the most challenging moments in their lives. And the powerhouse woman leader behind the branding, marketing and sales charge is Jasmine Marra VP Sales+Marketing.

“We are on a mission to normalize the conversation of debt” said Marra. “This year has been a tough one for many. Since January we have served over 1500 Canadians across five provinces in need of financial restructuring”. This is quite an accomplishment, and against the backdrop of a shrinking market represents a doubling in market share. This success clearly illustrates the critical importance of empathy, understanding and non-judgment in the face of hardship in the form of crippling debt.

Jasmine has spent the last four years transforming the small but fast-growing firm into a force to be reckoned with by empowering those around her. “Our secret sauce is our people. So often in organizations I see people embrace the idea that we should lean into our authentic selves, but when we actually do, it is often not well received.” Said Marra. “As leaders at Bromwich+Smith we have worked hard to nurture healthy conflict and truly believe that we all come with gifts. Each of us has something unique to offer – harnessing that and elevating that in our team is key for me as a leader”.

“Jasmine empowers others. Rather than getting caught in the weeds, she builds up not only her own team but others around her.” Says Taz Rajan Community Engagement Partner at Bromwich+Smith. “Empowered people empower others, and feel a sense of ownership and pride and tend to be happier in the work they do – I know I am.”

For Jasmine Marra, Bozoma St. John, the CMO of Netflix, is the one who truly inspires her. “I recently heard her speak at a conference and was astounded with her authenticity and her ability to appreciate that her diversity and her own experience are exactly what make her unique,” explains Jasmine. “Her messages of individuality and authenticity in the face of a world that wants us to be largely the same speak directly to the core of who I am as a marketer, a woman, a leader and a mother. It was refreshing.”

Debt and money touch each of us in various ways. But it is important as we move through the fallout of a pandemic together, that we feel safe to reach out for assistance as a community when we need it. This worthy cause is the fire that moves Mrs. Marra in her passion every day.

“I told Jasmine that when I first met her, I immediately saw the fire in her belly, and I too was moved by the fire that moves her. This is what great leaders do: they draw people in with their passion and fire and they lead them forward with the light from that fire.” Said Shawn Stack VP Insolvency Practice “This is Jasmine Marra: a burning light that leads."

Destigmatizing the conversation of debt in our community and a bright leadership light, is why Jasmine Marra is one of our top 10 Most inspiring Women leaders for 2021.

At Bromwich+Smith, Debt Relief Specialists are available by phone at 1.855.884.9243 or you can request a call back via the contact us page. There is no need to travel to a local office. Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Bromwich+Smith, is now offering video appointments, with all services available from the comfort of your home. IE




Jasmine Marra
Vice President


The purpose of Bromwich & Smith Inc. is to relieve the overwhelming financial burden individuals are experiencing in accordance with Canadian legislation. Bromwich+Smith is an Eco-friendly organization that is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of those we assist, employ & do business.

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