Irene Bianchi, President and CEO of PMIC, Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021 Profile

Irene Bianchi
President and CEO of PMIC

Irene Bianchi, President and CEO of PMIC, Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021

“Encouraging & Inspiring New-age Leaders”

Irene Bianchi, President, and CEO, a lawyer by profession, came to Peel Mutual Insurance Company after having spent almost 30 years working for large, global, UK-based insurers. Peel has been a major profitable player in the Ontario Mutual market since 1876. Recognizing that the pace of change in the Canadian insurance market was accelerating significantly, the Peel Board of Directors appointed Irene to reinvigorate the organization and lead it to continued success.

Irene and her management team have transformed the organization over the last three years by putting the customer at the center of each decision. From changing the core IT system, revamping products, offering omnichannel solutions, and invigorating a strong mutual culture within the organization, every strategic decision was taken with a customer’s viewpoint in mind. Irene’s inclusive style, professional curiosity, commitment to servant leadership, and willingness to challenge the status quo to make things better have enabled Peel Mutual Insurance Company and its team to flourish.

Irene has worked with many women and men as a mentor/coach and confidant throughout her career to help them navigate to success. Leading by example and building enduring relationships, Irene has guided many young insurance professionals to significant, senior roles within the Canadian and UK insurance industry. Her enthusiasm, confidence, tenacity, humor, and calm in the face of adversity have encouraged and inspired people always to strive to be their best.

A major part of Irene’s role is to find new solutions for customers and then test/ implement where appropriate. Since coming to Peel, Irene and her team have introduced multiple sustainable changes to the organization to compete with global insurance leaders in the Ontario marketplace. Adopting the mindset that everything can be improved upon, Irene’s leadership style encourages her team to scour the market for new solutions that enhance the customer experience with Peel.

Peel Mutual Insurance Company was born out of a need for affordable insurance protection. Just north of Toronto, farmers in the Peel region banded together over 145 years ago to create an insurance company that worked for them and their community. They wanted to have a local solution to their problems, managed and staffed by people who understood their needs and were able to help solve a variety of issues. Peel Mutual Insurance Company continues to be located in the community and works within it to meet customers 'ever-changing needs. Today, Peel Mutual Insurance Company services a variety of customers by providing personal, commercial, and farm insurance through a variety of ways to meet customers’ needs and anticipate their future challenges.

The Peel team is always looking for ways to make the customer journey easier and quicker by using new technology, improved processes, and having the best professional staff. Customers and Peel staff get frustrated at not reaching each other, so they found a new solution that enabled 2-way text communication with customers to guide them through the process. Using the HI Marley communication platform, Peel Mutual Insurance Company was the first insurer in Canada to offer a text-based way to stay in touch with customers to ensure concurrent information flow. “Using technology coupled with our empathetic and knowledgeable employees allows us to bring real service and value to our customers,” says Irene.

Peel Mutual Insurance Company has plans for expansion and growth in the future via new routes to the customer and expanding its geographical reach to different areas of the province. “By working with our agents/ brokers we will be looking grow organically and by acquisition to ensure our relevance in the marketplace,” says Irene. “Insurance evolution requires investment.” To thrive going forward, Peel has to be able to self-fund innovation and progress to match and exceed customer expectations and demands. As such, profitable growth is essential. “At Peel Mutual Insurance Company we are passionate about the customer and our community. We are committed to delivering the best in products, service and solutions in a way that honours our Mutual heritage while responding to customer and market expectations in a way that is best in class,” adds Irene. IE




Irene Bianchi
President and CEO of PMIC


Peel Mutual has been providing quality insurance products and serving Ontario residents since 1876. As a mutual insurance company, we are owned and directed by our policyholders. We offer a complete line of home, automobile, farm and commercial insurance products. Please contact one of our agents or brokers today for a quote.

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