Heather Urquhart, Founder, CEO & Master Formulator of Huna Skin, Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021 Profile

Heather Urquhart
Founder, CEO & Master Formulator of Huna Skin

Heather Urquhart, Founder, CEO & Master Formulator of Huna Skin, Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021

“Offering Transforming Beauty Solutions”

Huna is Canada’s leading innovative, science-based, organic, and plant-based Skincare and Cosmetics company. It is a multi-award-winning venture founded by Botanist, Herbalist & Natural Cosmetic Formulator Heather Urquhart. Born out of a passion for herbal medicine and plant-based healing, Heather created Huna to merge the worlds of herbalism, botanical science, and luxury beauty to create a line of products that harnesses the healing power of plants.

“Huna is a unique multi-award winning science-based sustainable Skin Health company. Founded by Botanist, Herbalist and Certified Natural Cosmetic Formulator Heather Urquhart in 2014, Huna creatively combines the principles of Botanical Science, Herbal Medicine, and Luxury Beauty into an innovative and advanced line of high-performance products.”

Huna is unique in the international beauty industry. Huna grows nearly 100 different organic botanicals on their family acreage in beautiful Monte Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Each plant is carefully hand-harvested at the peak of optimal ripeness, capturing the plant's potent phytoactive and bionutrients at the perfect time. Huna then processes the freshly harvested botanicals and develops Huna's highly-prized exclusive Proprietary Active Botanical Complexes. This is what makes Huna products so fresh, so innovative, so incredibly effective, and so very special.

Heather’s qualities go beyond her expertise and passion for botanical ingredients and skin health. Heather has successfully built a vertically integrated and uniquely differentiated beauty brand that stands for sustainable, ethical, inclusive, and high-integrity values in a very overcrowded and overwhelming global beauty industry. Heather is building a different kind of beauty industry from the inside out.

Heather inspires and empowers women to be comfortable, accepting, and loving themselves, to feel good and confident in their skin. She is passionate about teaching women about their skin health and body health and how plants can help them achieve optimal health and vitality inside and out. Heather loves to hire entrepreneurial-minded women at Huna who are inspired, motivated, and driven to change the world through passion, plants, and empowering other women. It is all about cooperation, support, and encouragement at Huna. “It feels really good to help other women achieve their dreams and live a more independent lifestyle. It’s a really cool process to watch a women come into her own as a leader, and women absolutely bring a different set of skills and unique approaches to business as entrepreneurs. Women are adaptable, flexible, persistent, and resilient- they make outstanding entrepreneurs.”

Heather is a strong believer in charity and giving back to the community. She says, “We always share the wonderful charity fundraising and community work we do at Huna, and I’ve seen that really inspire people to get involved and be excited about helping others. Whenever I see someone do something selfless, it makes me feel good and inspires me to contribute in some way to make the world or my local community a better place. And we want to inspire our Huna Tribe to do the same. Helping people and the planet has a domino effect- the more positive we see in the world, the more positive change we want to create.”

Heather came up with the concept of Huna Skin while developing her formulations to address personal skin issues related to an autoimmune disease. Being a Botanist and Herbalist, Heather wanted organic, plant-based, and high-performance skincare with specific botanicals that she was aware of that addressed the autoimmune skin symptoms, such as premature aging and acne, and inflammatory skin rashes. Unable to find the right products, she got to work researching, formulating, and developing her own custom botanical-based skincare products, and she was able to resolve her skin issues quickly and dramatically improve her skin health.

With these custom formulations, Heather’s skin health saw visible and dramatic improvements- so much so that friends and family took notice. Heather began sharing her organic skin formulations with friends and family, and they loved and raved about how good their skin looked and felt after using them. With encouragement from her family, Heather decided to build a website on her own to share the products with fellow Canadians suffering from similar skin issues, and the rest is history. Huna has been growing steadily and strong year over year since it launched in November 2014 and now sells in Spas, Retail Boutiques, and Clinics across Canada and the USA. IE


Huna Skin


Heather Urquhart,
Founder, CEO & Master Formulator of Huna Skin


Huna formulates, manufactures and distributes High-Performance Organic and Natural Botanical-based 'Skin Nutrition'​ skincare and cosmetics. We proudly grow our organic botanical actives on our family acreage in Manitoba, Canada. We are a savvy team of Scientists, Botanical Experts, World-class High Performance Cosmetic Formulators, and Clean Beauty Innovators. Skin Nutrition: Scientifically proven, Organically grown.

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