Germaine Chua Group CGO of Real Pet Food Company, Best CMOs of 2021 Profile

Germaine Chua
Group CGO of Real Pet Food Company

Germaine Chua Group CGO of Real Pet Food Company, Best CMOs of 2021

“Making Pet Food Best-in-class”

As a Group CGO, what Germaine Chua, Group CGO, Real Pet Food (RPF) Company, values most is her team. That they are passionate about what they do and want to make a difference. She recognizes the importance of building a team through passion and its impact on the business. “To build a strong team, I would often remind myself to ensure everyone has an equal chance to present their ideas regardless of how senior or junior they are,” she says. “My role is to create the safe environment, to encourage creativity and allow the team to challenge the status quo for better results. This results in our ability as an organization to continuously create new news beyond just products and push the boundaries to deliver growth that can come from any part of our business.”

"As Group CGO for the Real Pet Food Company, my key role is to drive global portfolio expansion to achieve our goal of becoming a top 10 pet food company, worldwide by 2023."

Today, Germaine sees one of the main challenges for both retailers and consumers is trying to navigate through a complex market. Due to the ever-expanding pet industry, the market is over-saturated with different products and different ideologies on pet feeding. The key focus of RPF is to empower the consumer to make the right decision and enable them to feed their pet the way that they want to. “We are a global leader in fresher food. Ultimately, offering the best that we can to our pets which is also packed with required nutrition. We are also constantly trying to innovate ourselves by finding various ways to make the pets happy,” adds Germaine.

RPF’s passion as a team leads them to develop products with purpose. They pride themselves in being thorough and paying attention to details, from conceptualization down to the actual product. Hence, this considers the nutritional benefit, palatability and texture, and the look and feel of all the products, ensuring that the quality of the products meets the standards universally.

The goal for RPF is to transform the lives of pets everywhere. “We see ourselves as the ones who enable our consumers to feed their pets the way they desire with a plethora of choices that are easily accessible,” says Germaine. “The reason we are leaders in this space is because we are offering fresh products that can be found in chilled, fresh or frozen dishes. Witnessing the positive impact and the change our products have on our consumers’ life act as a driving force for us to innovate and create better constantly.”

For Germaine, having a vision of the group of people led by her is very important since it allows her to support, provide coaching and help them to unleash their potential to create. “Often, this includes leading with empathy and the willingness to listen and adapt. I can provide an example of when I first became the CMO, I have a team that has not come from consumer marketing background. However, it has not stopped us to create new brands, bring new products to market and engage our consumers successfully as a team,” she explains. “This all started from a vision of who they can be regardless of their previous experience and background. I would like to inspire all the female leaders to have a vision of who you can be and believe in that and be yourself.”

Advising the future entrepreneur, she says, “do not limit your imagination on who you can be. Have a vision of your team and how you can support them to get there. Ultimately, our role in the business world is to be the one who has the consumer at the heart.” For the days to come, RPF will be focused on meeting the needs of their consumers by providing fresher nutrition, with a wide food choice for their pets. Throughout the years, RPF has been innovating in many ways to bring new news to its consumers. “What we are hoping to bring out next is beyond products but to build positive impact on the world as well. This includes caring about different communities in need as well as the environment via our CSR program known as RPF Cares,” says Germaine. IE


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