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Faith Wood
Chief Operating Officer of Motivate LLC

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“Leading A Game-changer towards Productivity ”

Drawing upon her 30+ years of Operations experience, Faith Wood brings a tried-and-true approach to process improvement and standardization that has helped Motivate dramatically increase its productivity and quality of service, directly impacting the client's bottom line. Faith’s ability to translate a complex operations strategy into a simple execution plan rooted in core Lean/Six Sigma principles has allowed Motivate to implement standard operating procedures across eight markets and has been a game-changer in how work is done in the organization.

"Motivate is a best-in-class service operations and logistics company, delivering bike share services to some of the largest urban environments in the US."

Faith has instilled a culture of direct, transparent feedback that has allowed the Senior Operations leaders to grow and flourish. We don’t believe there is such a thing as negative feedback, either you are receiving reinforcement or redirection. Sometimes the feedback that is the hardest to hear is the feedback you need most.

Mentoring leaders at all levels of an organization has been a key focus of Faith’s for many years. Understanding the challenges that women face and how to address these challenges is critical for business success. Faith is a believer in harmony between work and home. She also stresses that integrating work and home is an important step for women leaders.

Her mom is her role model. She was a Corporate Executive in the ’60s and ’70s with four children. Her father worked full-time at General Motors' assembly line, so she had a lot on her plate. Faith says, “She developed a time management schedule for all of us. She used visual aids so each of us could see what we were supposed to be doing, including homework, chores, or outdoor activities. She never missed a school event.” Faith remembers other moms commenting on her suit attire and that she should be home raising her kids. Her mother never let that bother her. Faith and her siblings were raised with love, respect, and integrity from her parents. Armed with these qualities, Faith has been taking the company to new heights.

Motivate LLC is led by operations experts who understand the micro-mobility market and deliver unparalleled customer support. While their clients are the owners of the bike-share networks, the company looks at the person riding the bike as their customers. “Making sure those customers have a bike when they need it is what motivates us every day. We exist to eliminate the day-to-day stress of operating a bikeshare system or other micro-mobility fleet,” says Faith. “We understand that our clients need reliable day-to-day operational support at a predictable, digestible price point. We have found a healthy balance using both data science and process improvement methods to implement the solutions that our clients cannot find elsewhere.” A high-level strategy is great, but what sets them apart from their competitors is their people. From the management team to the seasonal employees, Motivate is truly nothing without their people. “We pride ourselves on being a second chance employer and believe as an organization that everyone deserves a second chance, and you should not write someone off because of a mistake they made in their past.”

Unlike many others in the industry that utilize independent contractors or temporary staffing, the company focuses on ensuring their employees go through thorough training and onboarding programs. This allows them to ensure that everyone is fully equipped to succeed in their role here at Motivate, regardless of prior experience. Whether it is the standardized Bike Fleet training, Driver’s Safety Course, or their management courses, Motivate has made a major investment in their learning department so they can stay the best at what they do.

As Motivate looks to the future, they are looking to take their expertise outside the markets they currently operate. “We are of course excited to grow with our current clients, but also are exploring other opportunities both domestically as well as internationally. Shared micro-mobility is far more mature in the European market and we are seeing expansions in Latin America and Asia,” says Faith. “With both myself and our CEO having extensive international operations experience, we think it is a real opportunity for us.”IEWL


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Faith Wood
Chief Operating Officer of Motivate LLC


Motivate is a best-in-class service operations and logistics company, delivering bike share services to some of the largest urban environments in the US. We operate in 8 cities across the U.S. including New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington D.C. and will serve over 1.5 million riders this year alone. Led by a group of seasoned urban visionaries and operations leaders our mission is to revolutionize the landscape of our cities. In an effort to completely transform the urban experience, Motivate is leading the way in making cities more accessible, healthier and sustainable. We operate and maintain safe and dependable systems that help make cities great by connecting individuals to the people and places they love.

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