Emilia Tomachinska, Managing Director at E-Systems GmbH, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Emilia Tomachinska
Managing Director at E-Systems GmbH

Emilia Tomachinska, Managing Director at E-Systems GmbH, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“A Self-made Leader”

“One, who cannot control oneself, cannot control others.” Emilia Tomachinska, Managing Director, E-Systems GmbH, believes in this saying and makes sure to always remain disciplined. Emilia’s self-discipline helps her stay on top of her thoughts, emotions, reactions, and behavior, especially in challenging and non-standard situations. Any company is a reflection and a shadow of its leader, and Emilia has become an accomplished and innovative trailblazer. Emilia always organizes her day as efficiently as possible and remembers to smile and maintain a positive attitude, as she knows that her character influences those around her.

Persistence is her key quality. Emilia’s motto is to finish everything started, to strive towards the result on a day-to-day, week-by-week and month-by-month basis and never stop until the goal is reached. Being an ardent traveler, Emilia has the ability to connect with people across cultures and sentiments — all of which inspires her and provides an impetus for new ideas and business development.

Emilia says, “I treat people the way I would want them to treat me, and the other way round: I don’t treat them in ways I wouldn’t like to be treated. It is this attitude that is behind the success of E-Systems GmbH. Being always positive and inspiring, which is especially important in our difficult times, is something that I keep encouraging in people.” At the age of 26, after earning a master's degree from Leibniz University, she got to work straight away. It was a rocky road to success, yet she learned all the subtleties and aspects of the business. It took Emilia time and considerable effort to become the owner and managing director of E-Systems GmbH, but it was worth every struggle, and she has gained immense experience from the same. “In 2005, the company had only a few clients in Germany, and we are now serving more than 300 clients from 13 countries.”

E-Systems GmbH is focused on long-term customer relationships, its commitment to high work standards in everything and a tailor-made approach to each client. “Our goal is not merely to make a deal and get a profit, but to win our clients by offering them best conditions and support and making sure they keep coming back,” she says. “Our clients are our family. It is extremely difficult to predict the future at this time, but I can confidently say that E-Systems GmbH is adapting to the changing world and coming out with a new product, new unique solutions for its customers and a new approach.”

With almost all countries in lockdown last year, exhibitions were canceled, customers and suppliers were not able to meet, communication was hampered, which negatively affected all of humankind. However, human is a social being and communication is essential. Emilia Tomachinska understands this like no other, and E-Systems GmbH, therefore, supported the idea of Lucien Wijsman, who has gained recognition as a key person in the world's gambling industry, to hold the Casino Operations Summit (https://www.casinooperationssummit.net) in November 2021 in Riga, where manufacturers and customers will be able to communicate, hear the speakers, exchange news, and finally get together. IE


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Emilia Tomachinska
Managing Director at E-Systems GmbH


E-Systems GmbH is a well-established & allwhere-respected, highly-qualified, reliable & relentless partner for casino operators.

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