Dawn Taylor, President & CEO of PTA, Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021 Profile

Dawn Taylor
President & CEO of Pinnacle Talent Acquisition

Dawn Taylor, President & CEO of PTA, Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021

“A Fearless Leader”

Dawn Taylor started PTA-Pinnacle Talent Acquisition and PTA-HR with a vision of helping people, often with consulting firms, because the bottom line is the most important. For the President and CEO, putting people to work and giving sound human resources advice and strategy should be the most important. “The company’s philosophy is simple, ‘you cannot run an exceptional company without exceptional talent’. You cannot sustain a company without retention, proper infrastructure, and best practices,” she says.

“With over twenty years of combined experience in the areas of contract, contract to hire, direct hire placements and human resources consulting and project management, Pinnacle - Talent Acquisition has proven to be an experienced employment solutions provider serving the Washington Metro area.”

One of the challenges that PTA tackles daily with clients is bringing more diversity and inclusion to the workplace. They rolled out a special Diversity Audit which helps their clients understand the dynamics of diversity and what they need to do to reach their diversity goals. They also try to meet clients regarding their unique budgets; PTA wants to assist companies with any budget, large are small, the complex challenges are the same.

Starting this business came about by changing the way Human Resources Consulting Firms look at their success. “I wanted to look at success by how many people benefited from our services, whether it be on the talent acquisition side with putting people to work or from the HR consulting side by how many companies we were able to assist to ensure their sustainability,” adds Dawn. “I always believed that if you do what’s right, the money will come. I came up with the name Pinnacle Talent Acquisition due to what the word “pinnacle” means the highest point or peak it is the culminating of the peak that resonated with me.” She had been working for HR consulting firms and had been the face for most of them, and when she decided to open PTA, her clients followed.

The culture of PTA is one of trust, inclusivity, and humility. Dawn acknowledges that people are not robots and have lives outside of the workplace. “I try to instill in my team that being human is more than ok. To me, it is especially important that we have a passion and a soul tie to the mission,” she says. “Being a leader to me, is a huge responsibility. We must teach, coach and mentor those that will come after us. We must give space for those to shine. I am thankful to have the opportunity to use my platform to uplift, teach and build those who need it.” “It is my belief that sharing with other entrepreneurs the ebbs and flows of starting a new business is a responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly and a responsibility that I proudly try to live up to.”

Being a fearless leader, Dawn believes that she is here on this planet to do great things. “I do believe that some things have a shelf life. I let go when needed and will go into another chapter with boldness. I really would not do anything differently. I honestly believe that my path has led me to right now.” Dawn’s late mother, Grace Taylor, is her role model who has guided her to become the steadfast leader today. “She is why I am who I am. She instilled the best parts of me. I would love to see her now, have one of her favorite throw-together soups and say thank you.” Dawn is working towards changing the world, one step at a time. “Racism, Poverty and Gun violence. What’s next? I am producing a documentary about the perils of loving a dangerous person. This is a passion project for me. My Nephew was killed a few years ago, and it was due to a relationship that a woman had with a convicted murderer that brought him to our little, tiny town only to kill again. If this documentary helps just one person.” On the work front, PTA will continue to grow, augment, and expand with the client partners' needs and, for the days to come, reinvent themselves to be the best in the industry. IEWL


Pinnacle Talent Acquisition


Dawn Taylor
President & CEO of
Pinnacle Talent Acquisition


Our mission is to connect top talent with the client companies we serve. Our philosophy is simple, you cannot run an exceptional company without exceptional talent.

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