Cynthia Heismeyer, Vice President & Director of Marketing at Selective Insurance Group, Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs of 2021 Profile

Cynthia Heismeyer
Vice President & Director of Marketing at Selective Insurance Company of America

Cynthia Heismeyer, Vice President & Director of Marketing at Selective Insurance Group, Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs of 2021

Engaged, Passionate, & Committed to Excellence

A sense of curiosity, passion for learning, and collaboration have helped Cynthia (Cindy) Heismeyer, VP, Director of Marketing, Selective Insurance Company of America, drive change throughout her career. According to Cindy, few transformational shifts can happen without the insights of many people around the table. Each must be willing to challenge each other, have a sense of curiosity, and work together to drive meaningful change.

While Selective has continued to change and evolve through the years, the company’s focus on the personal touch has remained constant. Selective Insurance traces its roots to 1926 when D.L.B. Smith founded Selected Risks Insurance Company on the belief that the community would be better served by a local insurance company that understood its needs. Cindy said, “His core concept still helps lead our organization today - “So valuable is the human element that I will not let this company lose the human touch which has been largely responsible for its success.”

The Selective team has diverse perspectives and experiences but shares a commitment to customers, distribution partners, and a passion for making an impact on society. Cindy believes having employees who are genuinely engaged, passionate, and committed to excellence is what helps make Selective one of the most successful super-regional carriers in the marketplace.

To help create engagement at Selective and beyond, Cindy has been a pioneer in inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs to become great leaders. Involved in several women’s leadership networks and mentoring relationships, she takes action to help lean in and lift other women. Based on her own experiences, Cindy is passionate about creating, nurturing, and leveraging networks to help one another through the leadership journey.

Whether abroad or close to home, Cindy feels it is critical to consider the perspectives of others. “Each of us has a unique story, a unique path in life. Seeing things from another’s view enables us to make changes that resonate with the people around us. A single point of focus is a limited view of life!”

This unique ideology was instilled in Cindy by her parents, who as her role models, influenced her life immensely. With a strong commitment to community and giving back, they showed her the importance of focusing on the greater good. “They taught me an important lesson: inspiring leaders are led by a purpose greater than their own. I use this mindset in both my personal and professional life and believe it helps drive greater success.”

Selective is reaching new heights by leveraging a data-driven approach and nurturing a superior customer experience for all of its clients. “The entire team is committed to improving our understanding of each of our unique customers and delivering the products and services they need and value,” says Cindy. “Working together, our best-in-class employees and agents uphold our brand promise and keep the customer at the head of the table.” This strategy has helped Selective achieve superior financial performance and be consistently ranked among the highest service-oriented carriers in the industry.

But even for companies like Selective with a robust strategic plan, today’s challenges can test the resiliency of leaders. “Recently, the world has changed in ways we never anticipated. The most successful leaders are ones who have stayed connected with their key stakeholders through transparent communications and developed enhanced agility,” adds Cindy. “Displaying an open and iterative approach to change during uncertain times is the leadership style that instills trust and helps people and organizations to continue to thrive.” IE


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Cynthia Heismeyer
Vice President,
Director of Marketing at
Selective Insurance Company of America


At Selective, we maintain a commitment to provide unique insurance solutions that help keep the families and businesses of our communities protected. We know that no two customers are the same. That’s why we work closely with our independent agency partners to determine their specific coverage needs, so we can deliver business and personal insurance fit for their unique lifestyles. Backed by our unique programs, products, and value-added services, Selective policyholders can have proper piece mind knowing that what’s most important to them is well protected.

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