Colette Hamilton, CEO of Genesyze, Most Successful CEOs of 2021 Profile

Colette Hamilton
CEO of Genesyze

Colette Hamilton, CEO of Genesyze, Most Successful CEOs of 2021

“Turnkey Solutions to Disruptive Life Science Companies”

Colette Hamilton founded Genesyze Ltd, in 2005. At the time, she worked across Europe for a Johnson and Johnson medical device company, opening doors to women’s health technologies and leading change in clinical practice to transform women’s healthcare. Her results attracted the attention of other companies within the group, exposing a major gap in the need for someone to simplify routes to market for medical technology companies and translate conflicting stakeholder interests into common values.

Often new technologies are perceived as expensive and, therefore, part of the problem, not the solution. In addition, healthcare systems do not always have the adaptive agility required to leverage the full potential of new technologies. These result in a long-time lag in adoption and increase the cost of doing business. Colette realized that, for new technologies to close the huge and persistent gaps in unmet patient needs, MedTech innovators and healthcare providers would need help redesigning their business relationships and delivery practices.

As a founder, Colette’s vision and leadership have been critical to the evolution and resilience of Genesyze. Her delivery teams characterize her as charismatic, authentic, empowering, and motivating. She is intuitive, forward-thinking, and solution-driven. Feedback from a client coworker underlines her pragmatic but challenging approach, “I love how you often take a complex problem and show people up for all the faff they can create, when the solution is really quite straightforward.”

Colette believes that results speak louder than words and has dedicated herself to inspiring and empowering women through her actions, results, and coaching and mentorship. Of course, women entrepreneurs face a particular set of challenges simply because of their gender, based on socially constructed, self-limiting beliefs. “Women still take the highest burden of responsibility for the home and childcare, whilst women leaders make more than their fair share of profit in business,” she says. “However, simply by succeeding against the odds, women are resetting those self-limiting beliefs in men and women. I strongly suggest to stay focused on delivering results and the rest will follow.”

Genesyze was fortunate to have a first-mover advantage. For the first fifteen years, a steady stream of business came by word of mouth, client referral, and repeat business. However, the health industry ecosystem has changed, and many big multinational companies, including communications companies and data analytics companies, have diversified into what they see as a lucrative space. Regulatory pressure for major companies like Medtronic and Smith & Nephew favor contracts with big brands versus practical experts. However, in Europe, 95% of MedTech business revenue is with SME’s and digital health technologies are expected to take an increasing chunk of that space. The pandemic has increased the scale and pace of change, creating incredible opportunities for agile businesses. Genesyze is responding by redesigning its marketing road map and taking a more targeted approach to its position in the market. Genesyze’s business and healthcare transformation specialists are comfortable with complexity, close to the ground, and excel at execution. The relationship between their actions and sales growth is delineated. This gives them a strong USP.

“One company asked us to look at their capital sales performance and act on that. Our evaluation revealed that the field sales staff lacked the customer insights and rigorous processes needed to achieve first rate results,” says Colette. “We characterised the customer capital planning process for them, and the underlying financial and behavioural drivers and barriers. These insights were used to translate their value proposition into customer value drivers, build an evidence-based customer centric account planning process and increase the flexibility of their commercial model. This resulted in over 100pc growth in the first year.”

For the days to come, Colette and her team are developing a system that will allow specialist doctors from all over the world to fast track the collection of data on ‘last resort’ treatments for rare and chronic diseases, such as Crohn’s Disease, then network to build insight on how repurposed treatments could be adopted into a new standard of care. IE




Colette Hamilton
CEO of Genesyze


A global, technology enabled, market access hub with a contract translational research division, delivering turnkey solutions to disruptive life science companies. Focusing on patient access to life saving; life changing and game changing new technologies.

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