Christy Sackett, Senior Director of Marketing & Product Management of PGT Innovations, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Christy Sackett
Senior Director of Marketing & Product Management of PGT Innovations

Christy Sackett, Senior Director of Marketing & Product Management of PGT Innovations, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Leading with a Customer Focus”

During her tenure as Senior Director of Marketing and Product Management for PGT Innovations, Christy Sackett has restructured the Marketing team that oversees the identities and product portfolios for six of the company’s eight brands into a group that excels at defining and achieving targets. She has fundamentally shifted the team’s focus toward efforts that contribute to the top and bottom line of the business while maintaining a customer-focused approach, and, while doing so, has led the team to become a key driver of the company’s growth strategy.

“Building smarter products by combining strong companies. That’s what we’re doing at PGT Innovations. We’ve brought together eight strong brands to lead the window and door industry.”

Christy is a dynamic leader with a talent for developing and empowering her team members to achieve their highest-level of performance. She has challenged team members at all levels within the department to envision innovative solutions that would better serve the company’s customers. This has resulted in several tremendously impactful contributions, some of which include:

• The elevation of brand awareness for six of the company’s eight industry-leading brands by leveraging data and re-imagining marketing content and customer communication channels.

• The creation of a custom lead generation platform – LeadMatch – which brings consumers directly to the doorstep of PGT Innovations’ dealers. This solution provides a measurable way for PGT Innovations to show their dealers the power of their partnership, as the platform creates visibility of geographic market demand, refines the target audiences, and provides several other impactful tools.

• A 3-year product roadmap, which is tied to revenue and balances market demands. The roadmap is generated using a new level of analytics which ensures that the company can make more informed decisions around investing in new product development and enhancing current product lines.

• Leveraging growth from current product lines to launch the company’s CGI brand into the retail market channel through Lowe’s Home Improvement stores using in-store displays and new training tools.

Christy was also one of the original leaders who established the PGT Innovations Leading Ladies program. “We set out to create a platform for women in our organization to LEARN, ENCOURAGE, CELEBRATE accomplishments, and become ALLIES. Embracing each other through mentorship,” says Christy. “It was amazing to hear the stories and see how open the women were to sharing their goals, challenges, and accomplishments. I have been blessed to have a lifetime of teachers and people who believed in me before I believed in myself. Leaders who pushed me to think differently and rise to new levels. People who allowed me to fail and then persevere. This has allowed me to empower others under my leadership in the same way with PGT Innovations.”

PGT Innovations evolved from the founding company, VinylTech. “As we expanded through new product development and acquisitions, it was only fitting that the name of the company evolved as well. Today, PGT Innovations manufactures and supplies premium windows and doors,” says Christy. “Our highly engineered and technically advanced products can withstand some of the toughest weather conditions on earth and are revolutionizing the way people live by unifying indoor and outdoor living spaces. PGT Innovations creates value through deep customer relationships, understanding the unstated needs of the markets we serve, and a drive to develop category-defining products. The company is also the nation’s largest manufacturer of impact-resistant windows and doors and holds a leadership position in its primary market.

Protection is part of the company’s DNA. It began with the company founders and continues through current leadership. Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Andrew to the company’s home state of Florida, PGT Innovations leadership worked alongside Miami-Dade County to develop a new building code that would better protect Florida homes and buildings from severe weather. Since then, we’ve continued to push industry standards through research and technological development that help us engineer better, stronger, more advanced products to keep homes and businesses safer in our communities and beyond. Now, PGT Innovations is the nation’s leading manufacturer of impact-resistant windows & doors. With the increasing activity of hurricanes in the past few years, PGT Innovations’ impact-resistant products have become more important than ever for Florida markets, as well as coastal markets outside of Florida. “When you listen to your customers, provide solutions they didn’t even know they were looking for, and produce the #1 brand of impact-resistant windows and doors in the market, growth happens naturally,” Christy says. “Additionally, PGT Innovations continues to grow through acquisitions by adding companies and product solutions that complement our existing portfolio.”IE


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Christy Sackett
Senior Director of Marketing
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For nearly 40 years, our people have been driven to create the strongest, safest building products on the market, with a resolute focus on always putting the customer first. As we’ve grown through Eze-Breeze® and PGT® Custom Windows + Doors, and strengthened by the addition of CGI® in 2015, WinDoor® in 2016, Western Window Systems and CGI Commercial in 2018, NewSouth Window Systems in 2020, and Eco Window Systems in 2021, we’ve developed a community centered around integrity, safety, innovation, and sustainable growth. Together as PGT Innovations™, we are leveraging this combined strength by integrating our collective offerings, commercializing new products, expanding our services, and moving into new markets. We invent. We build. We deliver.

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