Cait Porte, SVP, Product & Customer Experience of Zmags, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Cait Porte
SVP, Product & Customer Experience of Zmags

Cait Porte, SVP, Product & Customer Experience of Zmags, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021

“Identifying Strengths, Leading Teams”

“One thing I’ve found true throughout my career is that the product is most successful when diverse perspectives are embraced,” says Cait Porte, Senior Vice President of Product at Zmags. Porte is extremely passionate about increasing diversity on every level of her organization, from the board room to middle management. She has spent her Product career aiming to mentor, highlight, and advance successful women to be part of the leadership team and help drive decision making. Over her 15-year career, she has advocated for women in Product Management roles and mentored women as they make career changes. Says Porte, “I want my daughter to grow up and see people of all backgrounds and genders leading and managing companies. I want her to be able to see herself in any future she can dream up.”

And it’s not just about gender and diversity, it’s about driving company success. Genuinely connecting with customers, teammates, and partners is one of Cait Porte’s strengths. She has been able to transform the organization through her understanding of the market and bringing people together. While Cait has extensive knowledge of the eCommerce SaaS marketplace and technology infrastructure, her ability to align customers' needs with technology that can empower them makes her truly unique. Cait has worked hard to get the right people in the right roles, identifying the strengths of her team members and placing them in Product Management or Product Design roles.

Cait is active in the Boston Product and Women in Technology space. She encourages women to find mentors and offers to mentor women starting in their product careers. Early in her career, it was challenging for Cait to find her voice because she couldn’t find women in leadership roles. “I sought out female peers and mentors in my space. I co-founded the Boston Women in Product group. If I wanted to see change, I didn’t want to sit on the sidelines waiting for it to happen.” Cait is encouraged to see a slight shift in recent years towards more women in Product Leadership roles.

Sherly Sandberg’s (COO Facebook, author “Lean In”) career and teachings has been something Cait has used to help her grow. As a business owner, mother, teacher, mentor, and sister (among other things), Cait struggles to find balance. Hearing from Sheryl in 2013 that there’s no way to ‘have it all’ was refreshing. In an interview from April 2013, Sheryl said, “The data on this is super clear: you can be a very successful parent with a great relationship with thriving children and have a full-time job. And you can be a great worker and a great colleague at work but not be there for 12 hours a day in person. And I think we have to let ourselves do that.” Hearing this made Cait realize that it was about finding the right balance between each role and molding her career to help support the things she wants to achieve. Armed with this unique mindset, she has been taking the organization to new heights.

Creator by Zmags was born after hearing from marketers worldwide that they were constrained by the resources, time, and money associated with bringing the best digital experience to their consumers.

Time and time again, Cait and her team heard from companies struggling to keep up with the pace of innovation. Creator revolutionizes how brands accelerate revenue by bringing interactive experiences to life online and wherever their customers are. Faster and without the need to write any code. Over the last five years, Cait and her team have helped retailers build and serve more than two billion pieces of content (and counting!) to drive up revenue and conversion. Creator has taken the restraints off marketing teams and allowed their creative vision to become a reality.

Godiva has focused heavily on its digital strategy over several years and has leveraged Creator by Zmags to lead this strategy. With growing customer demand for learning more about Godiva’s heritage, product quality, production processes, and interactive content such as recipes and entertaining tips, Godiva struggled to meet the scope of digital content regularly. To expand their content further, Godiva needed a scalable solution to generate rich content for an elevated site experience. Upon seeing Creator in action, the Godiva team realized that Creator could solve many of their immediate needs. Its drag-and-drop functionality reduced the amount of coding needed. Creator also has a Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge, meaning it integrates with their eCommerce platform for easy “shop the look” experiences, and it simplified publishing rich content pages. The tool was easy for non-technical staff to learn, including the marketing team, allowing for updates at any time.

Creator by Zmags is emerging as the fastest design-to-publish eCommerce content solution. The company recently launched a new way to convert all design files to interactive content with the click of a button. The team also launched Interactive Email – the world’s first and only truly interactive and shoppable email solution. With an eye toward building and growing the company, Cait is focused on hiring a more diverse set of individuals with unique skills and perspectives. Team and people play a significant part of how successful a company can be, and Cait is proud of how far the team has come in recent years. 2021 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Creator by Zmags and Cait has high hopes for 2022 and beyond.IEWL




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