Brittany Hill Founder and CEO of Accelerist Profile

Brittany Hill
Founder & CEO of Accelerist

Brittany Hill Founder and CEO of Accelerist

“Inspiring Movements & Quantifying Impacts”

Brittany Hill, Founder & CEO, Accelerist, has a passion for iterating based on data and results (a self-proclaimed data geek), which allows her to make efficient improvements to propel Accelerist forward constantly. Brittany brings positive, lively energy and is not afraid to pivot or try something new, knowing she can measure her decisions' efficacy. Armed with a wealth of experience and expertise in the corporate partnership space, Brittany can anticipate and predict the needs/challenges of Accelerist customers. Brittany is patient and understanding but also can make important decisions quickly. Besides, she is humorous and brings her fun personality into work situations, making everyone feel a little more at ease.

“Brittany’s extensive background in the nonprofit and agency supports her vision for nonprofit innovations. Mrs. Hill has built multi-channel partnerships and award-winning campaigns with some of the most notable blue-chip nonprofit organizations (American Heart Association, UNICEF, Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Make-A-Wish International) and corporate brands (Pepsico, General Mills, Hasbro, Best Buy).”

A humble leader, Brittany welcomes everyone (many times pulling up their chair) to the table. She is always sure to ask for individual's opinions during meetings or discussions. She welcomes input and new ideas but can still steer the team in her overall vision for the company. Brittany’s secret superpower is giving everyone a voice while still sticking true to her vision. Brittany’s not-so-secret superpower is working fast and working smart to get many tasks done in a day. Her work ethic, ability to balance work and family life, and calm demeanor in the face of adversity are inspiring not only to her team but also to fellow women entrepreneurs. Brittany also leads her all-female team to empower everyone to cultivate their skills and receive clear direction from her as needed, hence taking Accelerist to new heights.

Accelerist empowers the people behind purpose-driven companies and causes them to create a powerful impact quicker, easier, and with more expertise. The platform was born out of necessity to drive corporate partnership strategy and relationships, inspire movements, and quantify the impact. Accelerist is the go-to platform to create, value, and measure the efficacy of customer’s corporate partnerships. The platform provides users with key connections and empowers users to make smart decisions to realize valuable results. “We pride ourselves on a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and deliberate facilitation of a strong customer feedback loop,” says Brittany. “This helps us quickly develop and release product features that save our customers time, and helps them raise more money for social issues.”

The Accelerist Platform is built using accurate and timely (updated regularly) data from various sources that focus on information both corporations and nonprofits partners are seeking in building out their corporate partnership programs. This includes information about CSR values, latest partnership announcements, trending industries, correct contact information for key stakeholders across thousands of companies, and more, all in one consolidated tool. The Platform is also built on an algorithm that matches nonprofits with prospective corporate partners (and vice versa) based on an organization’s stated and historical backing of specific CSR/cause values. “We are proud to support organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, the Arthritis Foundation, Blessings in a Backpack, Operation Warm and hundreds of others who say Accelerist saves them 10 hours/week in their fundraising efforts and helps them raise up to 30 percent more from companies each year,” adds Brittany.

For the days to come, Brittany and her team will continue to create new and efficient ways to support nonprofits who want to find new revenue or steward their existing donors and are focused on expanding our support of Hospital and Higher Education sub-verticals and geographic footprint throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“We are excited about the new release of our Employee and Consumer fundraising options in Q2, along with a comprehensive corporate social responsibility portal for purpose-driven companies that need to better vet philanthropic commitments and measure their comprehensive CSR impact – slated for a Q3 release,” adds the steadfast leader.IE




Brittany Hill
Founder and CEO


Accelerist is the leader in social impact partnership technology. Some of the industry's most prolific brands and nonprofit organizations rely on our innovative solutions to prospect, screen, access and measure partnerships with each other.

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