Brenna Bagnaro, Director of Marketing and Client Relations of Polston Tax, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Brenna Bagnaro
Director of Marketing and Client Relations of Polston Tax

Brenna Bagnaro, Director of Marketing and Client Relations of Polston Tax, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Dedicated towards Productivity”

Brenna Bagnaro is the Director of Marketing and Client Relations at Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting. Her charismatic personality positively represents Polston Tax and enables her to work well with the many organizations and agencies that work with Polston Tax. Brenna’s background in Public Relations is evident in all of her interactions, but she is also naturally gifted with ease to connecting with those who meet her.

Brenna helped transform Polston Tax because there wasn’t a marketing department or a client relations department when she started. She stepped up and took over those departments and started new projects that helped drive immense growth for the company. She helped make both marketing and client relations a priority for the company. She worked endlessly to help the company grow so it could reach more clients. She understood the stress that comes with taxes and wanted to make sure the company helped as many people as possible. “A lot of firms use scary or high-pressure sales tactics to try and force people to use their services, but I choose to go the route of letting future clients know we are here to help, that we’ll get in the ring with them,” says Brenna. “We made our marketing approaches more personable and able to really resonate with prospective clients on a deeper level, looking for new ways to market the company and other services being provided.”

She is also dedicated, and that dedication has become contagious to other employees. She is a positive force that helps the company continue to move forward. She is dependable through adversary, and whenever the company hits a roadblock, Brenna is there to help out whether it is coming up with ideas, working on implementing those ideas, or just being a soundboard to shoot ideas off of; she is always willing to be part of the solution, that is how she is taking the company to new heights.

Polston Tax was born because Rod Polston saw a great need in people who are dealing with tax issues. He was an estate attorney and saw many of his clients weren’t aware of the tax implications when leaving their estate to their families and that the stress of tax issues can weigh on people. Rod wanted to help people dealing with IRS tax issues because many of those people didn’t mean to owe taxes, they don’t know certain tax laws, or they don’t know how to defend themselves against a large agency like the IRS.

“We wanted to address some common misconceptions about owing taxes that most people don’t know or don’t understand. Most people don’t know that people who owe taxes usually don’t mean to or don’t do it on purpose.” she says. “We get a lot of clients who had to make the difficult choice of either paying their taxes on time or paying for medical treatment, paying their utilities or rent, or paying their employees. They didn’t have the money to pay both.” Brenna adds, “We see a lot of clients who don’t understand the tax laws and so they think they are paying enough taxes then find out they owe a large amount and aren’t able to pay it. We want them to know that they don’t have to tackle their tax issue alone, Polston Tax is here to help.

After 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, Polston Tax is now thriving and feels unstoppable as they continue moving forward. “We’ve cleaned up so many messes caused by other firms that were either malicious, ignorant, or uneducated, and each life we change with financial freedom leaves us wanting to help 10 more,” she adds. “The more we grow as a company, the more people we can give that peace and freedom to. We’re beyond excited to continue to expand our reach beyond our current locations to give business owners and taxpayers hope and peace.” IEWL


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Brenna Bagnaro
Director of Marketing and Client Relations
of Polston Tax


We are one of the largest tax resolution law firms in the nation. Our founder Rod Polston was driven to become an attorney after assisting people with tax issues – he wanted to continue making a significant impact on people's lives. He loves the challenge of solving problems for his clients, but also prizes the friendships with those who have sought out his help. Both of these qualities are a real benefit to him in the area of law he is now focused on – helping his clients solve their IRS problems.

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