Brenda Delodder, Vice President Marketing & Communications at the United Way of Halton & Hamilton, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Brenda Delodder
Vice President Marketing & Communications at The United Way of Halton & Hamilton

Brenda Delodder, Vice President Marketing & Communications at the United Way of Halton & Hamilton, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Leading with Courage”

Brenda Delodder leads the Marketing and Communications team at the United Way of Halton & Hamilton, one of Canada's largest United Way bodies. She focuses on innovation, the adoption of technologies, and the design of brand narratives and strategic digital communications. She is known for her insight into community mobilization. Brenda is the driving force behind a high-performing team that thrives on collaboration cross-departmentally and with external partners. Brenda’s ability to empathize with both her staff and those who access United Way supports have helped her shape the overall culture and experience of United Way.

Thanks to her ability to think critically and creatively, she has taken United Way into a new digital age and created a meaningful brand experience for donors, stakeholders, and those accessing United Way supports. Brenda’s impressive ability to speak from the heart and tell the stories of those with lived experience allows for a meaningful and impactful understanding of what United Way is and how we build a network of supports for those who need it most. Brenda consistently applies an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens to her work and to the message of United Way Halton & Hamilton. Throughout her career, she has been passionate about developing female leaders, empowering them to be more, do more, advance their careers, and encourage them to take risks, be vocal, and learn from their mistakes.

Brenda is a role model for young professionals, demonstrating that you can do it all. Not only does she take the time to develop and inspire future leaders, but she is also an example that you can have a family and thrive in a leadership role. Brenda is committed to empowering others by amplifying their voice and appreciating diversity and differences.

The steadfast leader is inspired by individuals who dare to ask for help. Through her work with United Way, the team hears about individuals every day who have to build up the courage to share that they are struggling. This includes those who turn to a food bank for the first time, those who seek help for mental health, and those who need to escape violence in their home, which directly places them in a poverty situation. These individuals are real community heroes, facing impossible decisions. By stepping forward, they are driving awareness, which is the backbone of breaking down stigma.

“I admire leaders who lean on their team and ask for their knowledge and expertise to guide decisions and growth. That demonstrates that as leaders you don’t need to be an expert on all things. And I’m inspired by those who are able to embrace feedback and differences of opinions as being strengths and by those who give space to others to thrive and excel.”

Thanks to generous individual donors and committed, dedicated and tireless supporters in workplace and community campaigns, United Way Halton & Hamilton supports more than 200,000 vulnerable people of all ages. “The results of the network we have built have never been clearer than in the last year. The pandemic impacted each and every person in our community. Thousands among us are grieving lost loved ones or have battled back from illness. Protective measures have devastated local businesses and worsened the effects of poverty, isolation, mental illness and addictions.”

United Way Halton Hamilton led the way in distributing $4.1 million in emergency funding in addition to $10.6 million raised for community to its network of agencies so they could adapt to emerging needs, and for those most vulnerable. “It has been a devastating time for many, but these many months of hardship have also shown what our community is all about. Across Burlington, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Milton and Oakville we have come together in unity and with a shared commitment to help those most in need. The UWHH met and exceeded its 2020 campaign goal in a time when we didn’t think that was possible.” IE


United Way of Halton & Hamilton


Brenda Delodder
Vice President Marketing & Communications at The United Way of Halton & Hamilton


A strong, supported, resilient community benefits all of us. Everyday, United Way Halton & Hamilton has a profound impact on our community by ensuring an essential network of programs and services work together to achieve lasting, positive change. No other organization has the same depth, reach and history of making such a profound difference in the lives of others.

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