Annette Cusworth, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Spartronics Profile

Annette Cusworth
Senior Vice President & CFO of Spartronics

Annette Cusworth, Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of Spartronics Certificate

“A Pillar of Strength & Courage”

In Annette Cusworth’s short time at Spartronics as Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, she has aligned her experience in financial responsibilities and objectives alongside her passion for helping drive the organization's focused growth goals. Ensuring the organization is productive and profitable, her influence and collaborative work ethic have driven organic growth and strategic acquisitions while creating a long-lasting positive impact on financial leadership and organization discipline. Annette’s broad business perspective and industry experience have helped Spartronics create value for its investors, customers, and employees.

One of Annette’s passions is to support women in her professional network. Annette challenges and coaches women to empower themselves and never underestimate the value that they bring. Teaching women to recognize their strength and encourage other women to support each other is key.

Throughout Annette’s career, she has taken the time to mentor and develop young women, allowing them to position themselves for future growth. From hiring women into senior positions, challenging others to continue education, encouraging women to pursue opportunities or to step into new roles outside of their comfort zones. Annette has been an advocate in removing the stereotype of the working mother and setting the example that women can have a family, career and be successful in all aspects of life.

Annette also believes in supporting young women to enter non-traditional career paths. For example, Annette’s 20-year-old daughter has completed two years of education and apprenticeship towards her Red Seal Welding Certificate. She was the only female in her college program and currently is the only woman on an all-male organizational team. Annette is extremely proud that her daughter has challenged herself and not let stereotypes stop her from achieving her goals.

Annette has been a role model for so many women because she has been strongly influenced by her grandmothers, mother, and mother-in-law, all of which overcame challenges in their lifetimes while showing great strength. From surviving war impacted countries, moving to another country with small children and foreign language, fighting cancer, these women have inspired Annette with the courage and inner strength to overcome, achieve one’s goals and dreams, even when life throws obstacles in the way. With the influence and strengths Annette holds, her goal at Spartronics is to help drive success yet help position others to do so professionally and personally.

Spartronics comes from a rich history of talented engineers and contract manufacturing specialists that help partners (original equipment manufacturers) create mission-critical and life-sustaining technologies. Born from an acquisition that took a 100-year-old company private in 2019, Spartronics grew and competes with Top Tier competitors in the Commercial Aerospace, Defense, Instrumentation and Controls, Medical Device, and Space markets.

Spartronics takes pride in the superior value of its customer relationships. The relationship differentiator is a reputation that they have built for themselves in the contract manufacturing industry. “Our competitors know it and our partners appreciate it. We strive for responsiveness, reliability and creating lasting relationships. We communicate in a timely way and place focus on bringing our customers’ products to market quickly and efficiently,” she says.

Spartronics is continuously making improvements to the organization, from the manufacturing process to how they do business. “Our customers already have a trusted partner, and this is our differentiator. We hold our relationships to a high standard, allowing transparency, communication, and trust,” adds Annette. “With this, our organization is currently working on enabling customer dedicated teams which will allow an even stronger organizational support for our customers. These customer focused teams will create a culture and offering that provides customers advocacy, strengthen our relationships, and put our customers best interest at the forefront.”

Spartronics recently announced that the company broke ground on a new facility in Binh Duong City, Vietnam. The location will expand the company’s capacity for state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing services. Located outside Ho Chi Minh City, this new facility is scheduled to open in March 2022. Spartronics’ Vietnam location manufactures complex electronic and electromechanical products for commercial aerospace, medical devices, instrumentation, and control applications for high-cost-of-failure industrial environments. IEWL




Annette Cusworth
Senior Vice President & CFO
of Spartronics


Spartronics operates a network of product design and production facilities in North America and Asia. We design, manufacture and manage the full lifecycle of robust electronic and electromechanical devices for commercial aerospace, defense, space, instrumentation and control, life sciences and medical device applications.

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