Angie Masini COO/COI of R&R Industries Inc, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Angie Masini
COO/COI of R&R Industries

Angie Masini COO/COI of R&R Industries Inc, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“The Gamechanger”

Angie Masini, COO/COI – Chief Operating and Innovations Officer of R&R Industries Inc., is a strategic and a forward-thinking executive manager and operations professional with over 20+ years of experience in leading and executing best practices to drive high performance in all aspects of people, processes, and technology solutions. She is leading the company towards new heights with her technical know-how and expertise.

“R&R Industries, a Commercial Roofing Company, has been in business since 1948, overcoming decades of both economic and environmental ups and downs.”

R&R Industries, a Commercial Roofing Company, has been in business since 1948, overcoming decades of both economic and environmental ups and downs. Angie knew that to stay competitive and scale the business for rapid growth and enable resiliency, putting process automation tools in place was an imperative goal. R&R Industries digitally transformed its business operations by implementing and leveraging an ERP Platform in early 2018. “The ever-evolving custom ERP Solution that we developed provides real-time data that enables proactive decision making and course correction in the management of our jobs,” says Angie. “We have further expanded the platform to provide full CRM capabilities, Human Capital Management, Spend and Purchasing, as well as Service and Maintenance. The implementation of our ERP Platform drove a significant increase in the maturity level of our business operations.”

For over 20 years, Angie has consulted and guided companies on how to change their processes based on best practices to operate more efficiently while recommending and designing tools to automate and sustain those processes. Upon arriving at R&R, the company was struggling to have actionable, real-time data around existing job profitability and financial performance. It could be 60 + days to determine that they were unprofitable on a specific job. Further, they lacked insight as to why the job(s) were unprofitable. There was no historical information on past bids to understand if we were underbidding jobs. There was no real-time job costing, therefore no ability to make actionable decisions. Further, there was no centralized data repository, which presented two issues—the first being duplication of efforts and information, three or more employees would have paper job files, no sharing of information or collaboration, and more importantly, there was no disaster recovery in place. “With the implementation of our tool, there is now (1) single digital job file that is shared by all employees and is fully web-based and can be accessed anywhere at any time.”

Aside from all of the operational efficiencies, the greatest success of the implementation is the adoption rate. “Most enterprise software implementations face objections, challenges, and non-compliance from employees because they feel something is being forced upon them, or even worse, they are required to change,” says Angie. “When we began our journey of digital transformation it started with every employee. We invested a significant amount of time understanding each employee’s role, how they performed their job, and what their biggest challenges were.”

What differentiates R&R Industries from their competition (in addition to 72 years of longevity) is the company's efficiency behind the scenes. “With real time data at our fingertips, we are able to provide more accurate estimates for our customers based on historical data,” says Angie. “Additionally, we are able to consistently monitor job profitability which enables us to course correct should we be running into material and/or labor overages.”

For the road ahead, Angie says they are continually refining their implementation, and by Q3, 2021, they will have rolled out a robust inventory management module that will greatly improve and track usage of surplus materials. “Most significantly is that due to the overwhelming success this tool brought to our business, we are in the process of developing and repackaging it and taking it to market for deployment at other roofing and general contracting companies across the country over the next 12-18 months,” elucidates Angie. “The niche to our platform is that is it an application written by Roofers for Roofers. We are taking decades of commercial roofing knowledge overlaid with a wealth of process engineering all encapsulated in a world class web-based platform.”IE


R&R Industries Inc


Angie Masini
COO/COI-Chief Operations and Innovations Officer


R&R Industries was established in 1948 as the R&R Roof Tile Company. We’re a Veteran owned business that has operated out of the same location for over 70 years. Over time, we’ve expanded our business to become an approved contractor for all major types of roofing systems. We also have one of the largest sheet metal shops in central Florida.

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