Angela Holowaychuk, CMO of TAAL, Best WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Angela Holowaychuk
CMO of TAAL Distributed Information Technologies

Angela Holowaychuk, CMO of TAAL, Best WomenLeaders of 2021

“Delivering Knowledge to Create Leaders”

Angela Holowaychuk, CMO, TAAL Distributed Information Technologies hails from a diverse background that includes B2C product design and development and customer service operations, experience in Remittance/Fintech and money services business/crypto exchanges. The plethora of experience allows Angela to support the development of TAAL’s line of solutions that include TAAL console, robust activity monitoring, and API/Key management platform.

Angela has always been considered an inspirational leader who has been empowering women entrepreneurs across industries into becoming great leaders of tomorrow. She makes it a point to mentor, promote and advocate for a woman to speak out and share opinions. She motivates and coaches peers to build their confidence, dedicating time to delivering knowledge to inspire more confidence. To be bold! Angela champions the women innovating through technology, including the incredible women on the TAAL team leading the global blockchain movement.

TAAL is the first publicly listed and regulated company that facilitates businesses building applications and contributing data onto a public and scalable blockchain. As such, they enable developers and large enterprises to connect to the BSV blockchain to build their businesses, utilizing the technology's efficient attributes such as low-cost transactions and scalability. Significant, multi-billion-dollar blockchain ecosystem demand exists in the market today, with exponential growth opportunities ahead. “Our products and services are designed to allow enterprises to complete very large numbers of transactions autonomously, safely and at low-cost,” says Angela. “We are strong believers that only BitcoinSV has the massive scalability and ultra low-cost advantage to be the global public blockchain for enterprise.”

With TAAL infrastructure hosted in Canada, they can meet the stringent compliance and regulatory requirements of enterprise clients, and Canada also allows them to benefit from low-cost energy available around strong sustainability standards. Through their offices in Zug, Switzerland, the company has access to the region excellent blockchain ecosystem and to the world’s leading talent, especially in R&D. “We recently announced the purchase of 3,000 blockchain computers, further expanding our capacity to enable enterprise transaction processing, and we have approaching 450 PH in processing power coming online, well ahead of our 2021 projections,” adds Angela. “We continue to lead blockchain innovation, achieving important milestones, including a world record 638MB block processed on the BSV blockchain network.”

This is an incredibly exciting time for TAAL and BSV as they see all types of businesses emerge, from companies putting accounting invoices on-chain to those doing work around all aspects of tokenization, among others. Unisot, a TAAL client partner, has chosen to build on BSV, enabling them to provide secure, scalable, and cost-efficient services to companies active in global supply chains, from the smallest farmer to the largest multinationals. Using BSV, Unisot can boost the end-to-end efficiency of global supply chains, which will boost the global economy. Simply, TAAL is building the transaction processing and infrastructure for the data-driven economy.

TAAL is a global advocate for the transformative potential of Blockchain and BitcoinSV, the original protocol. In a short period, they have assembled a highly experienced global team across every area of their business, and one that is incredibly passionate about the BSV potential, and the future of a transactional economy that will replace the focus on block reward mining, the industry is so used to today. They continue to lead blockchain innovation, achieving important milestones, including a world record 638MB block processed on the BSV blockchain network.

The company has a suite of new products set to launch in the coming weeks and months. With these innovations, they anticipate seeing accelerated development on BSV and many new applications that will transform how business is conducted - from the supply chain to healthcare, media, gaming, finance, and much more. “As the easing of pandemic related restrictions allows us to travel, our people are participating in events in North America and Europe,” elucidates Angela. “Blockchain technology is still in its infancy and so these events are important in furthering blockchain understanding and innovation, and for us, articulating why TAAL is all in on BSV.” IEWL


TAAL Distributed Information Technologies


Angela Holowaychuk
CMO of TAAL Distributed Information Technologies


TAAL is a global team of industry leading experts focused on creating the future of blockchain mining. We are on a mission to be the world’s largest, vertically integrated blockchain service provider. We take complex business operations and deliver turn-key solutions to enterprise clients, streamlining their entry into the industry. Currently we are managing and operating over 2,900 PH with a focus on SHA-256 coins with continued global fleet expansion strategies.

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