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Amy Valentine
Chief Executive Officer & Education Evangelist at Future of School Inc.

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“Mobilizing the Real-Time Transformation of K–12 Education”

Future of School has an enormous task ahead of it – to truly transform the education system at every level – and such a goal requires a leader who dreams big and is comfortable with the uncomfortable; one who lays it all on the line to go after what’s right, is unafraid of ambition and, from time-to-time, has no problem with failure as long as it leads to another attempt to find what works.

Amy Valentine, Future of School’s CEO and Education Evangelist, fits this description and more. She is a builder in every sense, from culture to relationships, teams, and coalitions. Those who have had the opportunity to work with Amy describe her as the embodiment of a positive force for good – someone who can rally large groups of collaborators around a common goal because they believe it’s being led by the right organization and the right leader. A key quality that shouldn’t be overlooked is sincerity, a trait Amy’s colleagues often observe. It’s Amy’s sincere interest in the populations served by Future of School, colleagues say, as well as her genuine care for the needs and interests of Future of School’s collaborators, that give the organization the necessary credibility to tackle huge challenges.

Amy is generous with her time and expertise, always willing to share her insights with up-and-coming leaders and those currently in positions of leadership who are looking for a different perspective. She makes it a goal to see the potential for leadership in others who don’t yet see it in themselves and is a big believer that there’s great force in collaboration, whether small or large groups. She takes her role seriously as a woman in leadership in the education industry, a profession that is seeking a better balance of representation. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for Amy and her peers to encourage and cultivate the next group of women leaders to influence the industry.

Future of School works to advance, document, forecast, and broadcast the evolution of K–12 education in real-time. “Education is the cornerstone of our society; without a solid system in place to ensure equal access to high quality teaching and learning, students will not be prepared for the workforce and for life beyond high school,” Amy explains. “Yet, K-12 schools in America look much the same as they did when the first school houses were opened in the late 18th century. Our country is in a unique position to transform the one-size-fits-all approach to one that is innovative, incorporates the smart use of technology, and truly prepares students for the future. The ‘real world’ in America relies on blended and online modalities—now it is time to infuse this into our K-12 schools.”

Future of School focuses on real-time creative collaborations – bringing together diverse expertise and insights to find out what works and what works for all. This includes initiatives like the Resilient Schools Project, which features a collaboration with several school districts across the U.S., is receiving input from educators and other experts, and incorporates partnerships with Microsoft, Stride Inc., The Digital Learning Collaborative, Achieve3000, ChanceLight, StrongMind, MGT Consulting, and the Successful Practices Network – companies and organizations representing expertise and impact across all corners of the education system.

As its work continues, Future of School will become the household name for mobilizing change in American education to create an equitable, innovative system that ensures all students reach their unbounded potential no matter where their learning takes place. “It is our goal to be a ‘by the people, for the people’ organization that grants funds, ensures access to resources, and leads our country to create the innovative, world-class education system our students deserve,” elucidates Amy. “Importantly, we make it a priority to elevate all voices – educators and parents, students and industry leaders – to remove limitations from our collective perception of what’s possible, as we work together to create a new reality in which all learners have the relevant opportunities and support to reach their unbounded potential.” IE


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Amy Valentine
Chief Executive Officer & Education Evangelist at Future of School Inc.


Future of School mobilizes change in American K-12 education from a one-size-fits-all system to one that ensures all students reach their unbounded potential no matter where their learning takes place.

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