Amy Senior, Founder of Adoption For My Child, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Amy Senior
Founder of Adoption For My Child

Amy Senior, Founder of Adoption For My Child, Most Influential WomenLeaders of 2021

“Born to be a Leader”

As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother to biological twin boys and an adopted daughter, Amy Senior, Founder, Adoption For My Child, has experienced a journey of infertility, birth, disability, loss of children (foster children), and adoption. She is fueled by her passion for understanding the needs and desires of adoptive families, expectant mothers, and professionals. “Each adoption journey is unique. Families experience different emotions during this chapter in their lives, the good, the bad, and the life changing,” says Amy. “Having experienced many of the same emotions on my own journey, I am able to have a deeper connection and understanding of the emotional side of the adoption journey. I will always provide families the support and compassion they need during and after their own adoption.” Amy is continuously working to develop strong connections throughout the adoption industry.

“ brings many people from different backgrounds and situation into my life. Some are courageous women facing unplanned pregnancies, who need help and yet they fear being judged by their family and peers. Others are prospective adoptive parents who want to learn more about the adoption process and what types of resources are available for them. We also enjoy networking and building relationships with other adoption entities. Every adoption journey is different!”

Adoption For My Child is a membership community allowing families and expectant mothers to have more control over their adoption journey. Birth/Expectant moms want to choose parent(s) based on important criteria. Traditional adoption networking has fewer opportunities for Birth/Expectant moms to find adoptive parents that fit the criteria in their immediate geographic area. Adoption For My Child’s services enable Birth/Expectant moms to find and connect to home study-approved adoptive families throughout the United States that fit their specific needs.

Adoptive families want to choose which adoption opportunity (available situation) they want to be considered for. Traditional adoption networking is limited, so Amy created the IPS system—Instant Profile Submission system. The IPS system instantly delivers adoptive family profiles, videos, and letters to the requesting professional and the expectant mother considering adoption—within seconds of their instant submission, increasing their likelihood of finding the perfect match.

An available adoption situation write-up is created with all the information provided regarding the adoption situation. The information included: basic information regarding the expectant mother and her pregnancy, criteria she is looking for in a family, estimated cost of the adoption, and any additional information like drug and alcohol exposure and personal health (if available). No identifying information will be released to the adoptive families in the write-up.

“Our members receive situation notifications and can present their adoption profile to expectant mothers that work with different adoption professionals throughout the United States INSTANTLY for consideration,” says Amy. “Allowing adoptive families to connect with an expectant mom FIRST before signing with an agency and/or industry professional.” Once a family has been chosen to be interviewed or matched by the professional, they notify the other families who have applied that the situation has been matched. Adoption For My Child provides nationwide diversity for ALL potential adoptive families.

The company recently launched, a directory to various professionals that can help families unlock their path to parenthood! “We have exciting new courses and resources coming soon! Along with creative and innovative ideas for adoptive families that will be announced later this year.” Being a steadfast, inspirational leader, Amy advises the women entrepreneurs to be confident and believe in their self-worth, which is necessary to achieve their potential.

“Confidence comes from within, from knowing deep down that they’ve got what it takes. Women entrepreneurs must believe in themselves and be willing to stand out in a crowd if they are going to inspire confidence in others,” says Amy. “We hold ourselves back both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should keep pushing forward to get what you want. Taking the initiative pays off. It’s hard to visualize someone as a leader if she is always waiting to be told what to do.” She adds, “My advice into becoming a great leader of tomorrow—Be you, the entrepreneur and leader you were born to be! There is a reason you have these dreams, and you are the one in control. You don’t need approval from anyone.” IEWL


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Amy Senior
Founder of
Adoption For My Child


Adoption For My Child (AFMC) is an adoption profile hosting & outreach site that’s transforming the way modern expectant mothers and qualified home-study-approved families make a life changing connections. Our platform allows families to present their adoption profile for available situations that they want to be presented to for consideration INSTANTLY.

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