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Amy Dickerson
VP, CFO & CHRO of Regenesis

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“A Pioneering Environmentalist”

Amy Dickerson, VP CFO & Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), plays a pivotal role in REGENESIS’ continued growth across the US and Europe. While she continues to lead the Accounting, Finance, and the Human Resource Departments, she also played a key role within REGENESIS’ Operations Department during a period of significant growth. Amy’s most significant contribution to the organization has been her ability to provide oversight and guidance with implementing new technology- including a new ERP solution, among others.

Her leadership in these efforts has allowed for increased transparency and more timely decision-making across the company. As an organizational leader, Amy has facilitated the back-office transition of the company to a manufacturing environment and servicing organization with employees across the US and Europe.

Amy inspires other women leaders because she is a hands-on, collaborative leader offering creative solutions to overcome obstacles. She also sees herself as a mentor and has helped others to grow professionally throughout her career. Although she has never had a mentor, Amy has admired Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard, and her ability to lead large organizations while not losing her identity in the process. One of Amy’s favorite quotes is “Do not be afraid to make decisions. Do not be afraid to make mistakes,”- Carly Fiorina Amy believes one of the most important traits as a leader is to be able to make decisions quickly, sometimes with limited information. She also believes it is important to be humble enough to admit when you have made a mistake so that you can course-correct.. “Mistakes are not to be feared, they are great learning opportunities.” Armed with this attitude, Amy is leading the company to new heights.

REGENESIS is the global leader in the research, development, and commercialization of technology-based solutions for environmental challenges. REGENESIS was born from the idea that much of the world's groundwater and soil contamination problems could be effectively solved simply by working with and enhancing the earth's natural processes. Researchers knew that certain types of bacteria, naturally present in the subsurface, degrade environmental contamination for many years. Often these contaminants are a food source for these bacteria. This natural contaminant degradation typically occurs quite slowly. However, if the right conditions are created, contaminant degradation can be sped up dramatically, increasing the rate by 10 to 100 times or more. Creating the ideal conditions for contaminant destruction to happen most efficiently is where REGENESIS comes in.

REGENESIS' objective is to create best-in-class technologies and service-based solutions to address environmental concerns. “Over the years, we've learned the best means to accomplish this is to completely immerse ourselves in an environmental challenge, taking a cradle-to-grave approach from its origin to its resolution,” says Amy. “This involves first listening to our clients to understand the most pressing challenges in the environmental industry. From this starting point, we rely on scientific research and develop and test materials and approaches to addressing a particular challenge more effectively than alternatives employed by our competitors (if any).”

In one recent case, chlorinated solvents used at a former dry cleaner site in a small town in western Indiana spilled and migrated to groundwater, creating a dissolved-phase PCE plume 1,500 feet long and encompassing 340,000 square feet. From the site, the PCE plume tracked along the town's east-west running main thoroughfare, lined with commercial and residential properties to the north and south. REGENESIS and their client teamed on developing a remediation approach using two primary in situ remediation technologies, PlumeStop® and 3-D Microemulsion®. In less than four years since starting the remedial program, this passive remediation approach completely reduced the mass of the primary contaminant of concern (i.e., 99.98 percent mass reduction tetrachloroethene).

Additionally, recent studies have shown that as many as 200 million Americans may be drinking water tainted with highly toxic, cancer-causing organo-fluorine chemicals known as PFAS. Twelve years ago, REGENESIS developed PlumeStop®, a liquid activated carbon technology that removes harmful contaminants from groundwater. REGENESIS’ in situ treatment approach using PlumeStop is revolutionary in that it addresses the problem in place, eliminating the energy to move it. “The benefit to the environmental remediation industry by treating PFAS in this manner is just beginning to be realized, and we anticipate tremendous growth in this area over the coming years at a wide range of sites globally,” says Amy.IE




Amy Dickerson
VP, CFO & CHRO of Regenesis


REGENESIS is the global leader in technology-based solutions for the environment with an emphasis on contaminated site remediation. Started in 1994, the Company has developed a range of widely-used specialty chemicals for the proven and low-cost cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater. Environmental consulting firms around the world have successfully used Regenesis technologies on thousands of polluted sites ranging from large Department of Defense and Superfund Projects to corner gas stations and dry cleaning operations. Over the years Regenesis has developed an unmatched breadth and depth of experience with enhanced bioremediation, in-situ chemical oxidation, ex-situ soils treatment, bioaugmentation and a range of remediation application methodologies.

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