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Allison Halpern
COO of Trisearch

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“An Innovator Improving the Culture, Technology, & Focus”

Based in New York, Allison Halpern is the Chief Operating Officer of TriSearch and overall utility player. She has been in the industry for over seventeen years and has made placements across all functions and industries. She also manages key clients and relationships. Previously, Allison was one of the original co-founders of TriWorth, where she ran business operations. Prior, Allison was an Executive Vice President at JobPlex and was head of research for the east coast division of DHR International. Allison led projects dealing with executive searches for Fortune 500 companies and was instrumental in implementing retained search practices and methodologies to the JobPlex model.

Twenty-one years of roll-up your sleeves work has now helped Allison transform TriSearch into a Top Nationwide Recruiting Firm in 2021. Given Allison’s extensive background in recruitment, she provides real-life advice on the best way to approach emerging scenarios. Allison is inherently a leader and a power forward for TriSearch. Internally, she keeps the engine running, managing and getting the best out of the Ops Team on a 7-days-a week basis, expertly navigating important client communication and outreach. She is an innovator, continuously improving the culture, technology, and focus of TriSearch while always maintaining a relaxed, fun, and cohesive atmosphere.

Most, if not all in the company, have been heard saying on more than one occasion, "we wouldn’t be where we are today without Allison."

Founded in 2007, the TriSearch Leadership Team began to look for ways to overcome traditional recruitment industry shortcomings. Their efforts resulted in creating a proprietary new recruitment model, Customized Partnership Recruitment (CPR), that would challenge the industry paradigm.

CPR is the next generation of the RPO by incorporating the best features of Executive Search and RPO and adding in a performance-based pricing model. CPR delivers the best aspect of executive search - original research, based on market knowledge, to identify an exact match to the desired profile. Like a good RPO, CPR provides service level agreements tailored to client requirements that include metrics, reporting, and transparency across multiple hires. CPR pricing is performance-based and ensures interests are aligned. The result is a process that rapidly delivers multiple, high-quality candidates with significant savings and some of the longest placement guarantees in the industry.

TriSearch is also focused on continuous improvement. Leading the charge, Allison is consistently researching new methodologies and technology and focusing on how TriSearch can be a better team. These learnings are shared with the team and incorporated into TriSearch deliverables.

TriSearch is more than its award-winning CPR model and provides a proven, highly targeted, single search solution, Diversity & Inclusion consulting and recruiting, and other talent solutions such as career transition coaching. “Our ultimate goal is to solve problems and provide human capital solutions while establishing long term partnerships with our clients. Being agile and flexible as a company, TriSearch is able to tune our managed services to perfectly meet the needs of our clients,” says Allison. “TriSearch provides a Targeted Single Search (TSS) solution built on our many years of recruiting and assessment expertise.”

TriSearch also offers Human Resource Consulting Services (HRC) to help organizations improve their internal talent acquisition process, technology, and results, including providing Diversity & Inclusion expertise and training. The Diversity Practice, led by Tony Gilliard, was recently recognized as a 2021 Diversity Power-65 Firm. Under the HRC umbrella, TriSearch also offers Career Transition Services. “Our comprehensive Career Transition Services customize each individual engagement for both organizations and individuals and start with a deep understanding of our client's specific needs and objectives before building a custom program,” adds Allison.

As the world and the economy continue to rebound from the pandemic, hiring may be more robust and fiercer than ever. “Having weathered the pandemic better than most of our competitors, TriSearch is poised to be a market leader in the recruitment world; better equipped, staffed and seasoned to handle the increased demand that lay ahead,” she adds. “We’re eager to see what the rebound will ultimately look like and look forward to tackling the new, specific challenges it will bear.” IE




Allison Halpern
COO of Trisearch


TriSearch is an International full-service talent acquisition managed services provider headquartered in Denver, CO. Recognized by both Forbes and Hunt Scanlon as a Top Nationwide Recruiting Firm of 2020, TriSearch provides customized partnership recruiting for filling multiple roles at all levels, targeted single search, HR consulting, Diversity & Inclusion and Career Transition Services. Utilizing proprietary new models, TriSearch offers highly customizable and scalable talent solutions that focus on a client’s specific requirements. TriSearch places professionals at all levels and across all functional areas, throughout the US, Canada and Europe. For more information visit

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