Alicia Whitbread Director & PPC Expert at The Ads Manager, Best Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Alicia Whitbread
Director & PPC Expert at The Ads Manager

Alicia Whitbread Director & PPC Expert at The Ads Manager, Best Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

When I started at University studying Psychology, I never thought it would lead me to a life of Google Ads and digital Marketing, but it goes hand in hand. I have a Bachelor of Psychological Science and an Honors of Research Psychiatry, and although i don’t use the degrees in their intended sense, i use them everyday in my Business, The Ads Manager. We are a Boutique Google Ads agency laser focused on client satisfaction and success. I use my psychology background to write ad copy and it gives me the edge to create ads intended for each specific market. My background is University lecturing and tutoring in Criminology and Psychology at multiple universities across Australia and going back to study Google Ads, just seemed like a natural progression of my University career and a way to continue to expand my knowledge and better myself. Teaching helped me gain the confidence to deal with different kinds of people from all walks of life, something I now do every day in my own business.

“Experienced Google Ads Specialist and content creator. An Official awarded Google Partner with specialisations in Search, Display, Shopping, Measurement, video and apps. The Ads Manager director, an award winning Google ads company and and award winning women's business leader.”

My Husband created The Ads Manager several Years ago when he felt there was a gap in the market that could be tapped into, and in March of 2020 i went from part-time worker in the company to full time Google Ads Specialist and in a shared role of Director with my husband. We are a husband and wife team with 2 young children, we are fully qualified and certified specialists and our agency is a recognised Google Preferred Partner. We are specialised in search, display, shopping, youtube, apps and measurement, and experts in tag manager and analytics. We take care of everything behind the scenes, from tracking and analytics to account creation, build and weekly management.

In the last 14 months our Business has achieved great success, doubling our client base, having a 99% client retention rate, hiring a full time expert to join the team under us and winning the Prestige Award for Digital Marketing Agency of the Year 2020/2021. I have also been nominated directly for 3 SA Woman Awards including Business Newcomer, Mum in Business and Quiet Achiever Award and for a 40 under 40 Award for Exceptional Business Leadership. The Ads Manager has also signed multiple contracts with other marketing agencies, across Australia and The United States to do all their Google Ads. Big agencies you think of, all white label to us!

The Ads Manager works closely with our clients to achieve great results and believes that having transparency and trust between parties is vital to our success. Our clients become like members of our family and we pride ourselves on listening, working as a team and working hard on each and every account we bring on, making sure that we have an individualised strategic plan in place for each client.

Our future plans are based around continuing to grow the business, without losing our personalised approach and adding extra marketing services to our repertoire. The personalised approach is what gives us our edge and is why our motto is ‘we will leave you before you leave us’. Because, if we see ads is not working for you, we will be the first to be honest and open and because the way we manage our clients and our hard work speak for themselves, so clients just don’t leave!

The greatest advice we can give to people thinking of jumping into business is to know your market, understand your clients and always continue to grow your knowledge. IE


The Ads Manager


Alicia (Jenkins) Whitbread
Director & PPC Expert


Small specialised team of highly skilled individuals with many degrees and years of experience behind us. Google Ads specialists and a Google preferred partner, specialised in all areas, masters of e-commerce, ad copy and analytics. We offer honest digital marketing advice, Google Ads full set up and management and content creation for social media and websites.

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