Alexandra Davidson, Managing Director at DAVIDSON LONDON, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021 Profile

Alexandra Davidson
Managing Director at DAVIDSON LONDON

Alexandra Davidson, Managing Director at DAVIDSON LONDON, Most Inspiring WomenLeaders of 2021

“Inspiring the world with British design and craftsmanship”

As Managing Director at DAVIDSON, Alexandra unites entrepreneurial vision with an imaginative eye for design. Her experience, passion, and drive complement her creative side—her innate ability to know what works, aesthetically, and what doesn’t. Just as important in a business leader is an open-minded and personable approach that understands what people want and need. Similarly, Alexandra’s positivity—even in the face of challenges—and her natural energy and dedication to what she does have enabled her to steer DAVIDSON through tumultuous times and ensure the company maintains its standing as the go-to destination for luxury British furniture design.

DAVIDSON is a family business. As a result, Alexandra’s role in the company is incredibly personal—it’s not something she can simply ‘leave at the office.’ This means that she pours everything into her work and strives to create a company culture that prioritizes both people and passion. What’s more, with two young children of her own, she has learnt how to effectively balance family and work life and keep everyone happy. Despite the challenges this poses, she has succeeded in navigating a path that allows her to be fully present both at home and at work, expertly juggling diverse commitments and developing the flexibility and strength of character to confront and surmount any obstacles that arise.

As a female business leader in a world where men have traditionally been the main players, Alexandra is an inspiring figure whose success serves to motivate other women to rise to the top, become directors of thriving companies, make an impact, and enjoy success on their terms. What’s more, she actively participates in the growing conversation about women in business, spreading awareness about the challenges that female entrepreneurs face and how to overcome them. These are the qualities she is imbibing to take the company to new heights.

DAVIDSON responded to a gap in the market when it came to high-end furniture designed and manufactured in Britain. “We wanted to showcase the expert craftsmanship here in our own country, supporting and highlighting the work of talented artisans who were creating stunning furniture using heritage techniques,” says Alexandra. Today, DAVIDSON is one of Britain’s pre-eminent luxury furniture businesses with designs that combine innovation with enduring style. “We work closely with clients to understand their vision, personalising designs to their specific preferences, whether it’s a particular finish or custom-made fitted furniture.”

Alexandra adds, “At DAVIDSON, our goal is to create furniture that lasts a lifetime. These are pieces that will accompany you throughout your life and be passed on to your children too. Our designs are timeless, transcending fashion fads and combining the best of contemporary style and traditional techniques.” She explains, “Our furniture evokes a low-key luxury. Our pieces are eye-catching without being over-the-top, allowing our clients to incorporate the best of high-end design into their interior without feeling as though they’re living in a showroom.”

Alexandra recently worked on a request from a high-powered business owner who wanted to create a study after lockdown and COVID restrictions prevented her from going into the office. She wanted to create a serene and inspiring working environment amenable to both productivity and creativity. “Many home offices are purely functional. We wanted to develop a space that was imaginative and beautiful,” she says. “The final result included DAVIDSON’s striking Deco-inspired Eclipse Writing Desk which is part of the Eclipse Collection with matching cabinetry and shelving in high-gloss figured anegre. Our client now had somewhere to work, somewhere to store essentials, and a place where she could display those treasured objects that would inspire and kindle her creativity.”

The main focus for the company in the coming year is the expansion of their Fitted service. “Our service serves to deliver furniture solutions tailor-made to the client—customised to their unique preferences and tastes,” adds Alexandra. “We are currently working on launching nine different fitted collections, consisting of three home studies, three home bars, and three media walls. Additionally, we are looking to expand our brand with stockists in both NYC and the Middle East.”IEWL




Alexandra Davidson
Managing Director at DAVIDSON LONDON


DAVIDSON has grown to become one of the most desirable interior brands in this country and worldwide. With an experienced team dedicated to producing excellence, the company has established a reputation for delivering impeccable service and design to private clients and many of the world’s leading interior designers.

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